Two Minutes of Mulder and Scully’s Return In New X-Files Trailer

Fox has released an extended teaser trailer of the upcoming The X-Files revival. Clocking in at two minutes, it should give X-Files fans a nice jolt to see David Duchovnyand Gillian Anderson, as Mulder and Scully, doing their thing again.

Wait, was that Joel McHale delivering the opening narration? I’ll admit that despite my love of Ancient Aliens, I’ve never been a huge fan of The X-Files, particularly after the season six opener that failed to connect the feature film in any meaningful way or really progress the storyline toward anything I wanted to see. The show continued for another four years and birthed a second feature film, so there’s clearly still people hoping that the truth is out there.

The X-Files continues that search for the truth next year.

Look At John Diggle’s New Suit

The CW has released two new images of David Ramsey as John Diggle in his new uniform / suit. The character of Diggle has been the voice of reason since season one of Arrow when he was hired to be Oliver Queen’s bodyguard. His character has evolved to being a husband, father and hero but he never got the outfit like the rest of Team Arrow. With the new season that changes as you can see him below… so what will his codename be? That has yet to be revealed. If I were to venture a guess I’d say Guardian… but we will see.

Arrow returns October 7th to the CW.


Grimm Season 5 – Nick On A Rampage

With the way season 4 ended, it makes sense that Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) is more than a little upset about things. Since the Grimm series began, the police officer and monster hunter has had his life flipped upside down multiple times… but the last season really put him threw an emotional wringer. As the new season begins, it appears his rage is taking over and he’s out for blood.

Grimm returns Friday October 30th on NBC.

First Episode Of Arrow Season Four Is Called….

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim must have really enjoyed letting out teasers this weekend as he continues this morning… and they are taking the Green Arrow thing seriously. The title of the first episode of Arrow season 4 is called Green Arrow. The episode is scripted by Guggenheim and the new co-showrunner Wendy Mericle based on a story by Greg Berlanti and Beth Schwartz.


SDCC 2015 – Heroes Reborn

Heroes is coming back this fall to NBC and to help get people hyped for the series premiere NBC had an amazing interactive experience at San Diego Comic Con.



I purposely didn’t read anything online so I could be surprised by the whole event. It ended up being way cooler than I even anticipated. I was under the assumption that the whole experience would simply be a first look at exclusive footage from the new show as well as some other goodies like props, both of which were present, but it was much more than just that. The bulk of the experience was an interactive game wherein participants would practice using their new found pyrokinesis abilities. At first just practicing but eventually using the powers to break out of the testing facility. The experience itself lasts only about 2 minutes but it’s incredibly fun and for some it can definitely be a light arm workout. Not to mention you get a cool motion poster of yourself demonstrating your powers at the end!



No filming or livestreaming any footage ……I was so excited to see footage before anything gets leaked as well as curious as to how NBC is going to handle the return of one of its most successful shows.

Video game and prequel

Before the panel started they announced that Heroes will be getting a video game for mobile tablets, and we also found out there is a prequel coming to the Heroes: Reborn app. The prequel is going to cover what happened between the end of Heroes and the beginning ofHeroes: Reborn, answering many questions in that five-year gap.

They played a trailer for the prequel that showed a girl showing her brother her powers, who approves and called her an “evo.” That’s their name now, so be sure to get used to that term!

The prequel is called Heroes: Reborn, Dark Matters and will follow one of the main characters of the original series over the five year gap.  His sister begins to develop superpowers and he documents her emerging abilities.  In the series, this character is a conspiracy theorist that tracks down Noah Bennet to learn about his Primatech past.

What we now from Tim Kring

When asked what’s different about the show, creator Tim Kring said, “The show, first and foremost, is about characters and it’s not about the super powers but the characters and dealing with their abilities. That being said, there are things that got a lot easier to do — special effects are being done on set with a laptop, cameras are lighter. Last time we only filmed in Los Angeles this time we shot in Iceland, Canada, LA, Tokyo, Paris.”

The show will pick up 5 years after they left off, when they ended with Claire Bennett exposing the powers to the public. Her announcement changed the world, so we’ll get to see the aftermath of that twist.

My name is Claire Bennet and this is my X attempt videos

This spurs other evos to come out of the woodwork and make similar videos.  The widespread, public emergence causes a backlash, which leads to the registration, marginalization, and eventual wide scale persecution of superpowered individuals.

Returning from the first series are Jack Coleman as HRG/Noah Bennet, Greg Grunberg as Matt Parkman, Christine Rose as Angela Petrelli, Jimmy Jean Louis as The Haitian, Sendahil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh, and Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura.

Heroes: Reborn’ premieres Thursday, September 24 at 8 p.m. eastern




SDCC 2015: Zoom To Be The Big Bad For The Flash Season 2

At the panel today, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg let it be known that Zoom is going to be the big bad for Season 2… and he is faster than the Reverse-Flash.

Wally West will also be making his way to Central City but no casting was mentioned. Plus we’ll be seeing characters from Earth-2 as it’s the home of Jay Garrick.

We will also be picking up on the reveal during the season finale that Cisco Ramon was a metahuman. We’ll see him continue to change as the season progresses.

As for Dr. Harrison WellsTom Cavanagh is still in the show and he says that the writers want to continue to play with the duality of a character that is both good and bad.

We can also confirm more Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold and Golden Glider in the new season.