Two Minutes of Mulder and Scully’s Return In New X-Files Trailer

Fox has released an extended teaser trailer of the upcoming The X-Files revival. Clocking in at two minutes, it should give X-Files fans a nice jolt to see David Duchovnyand Gillian Anderson, as Mulder and Scully, doing their thing again.

Wait, was that Joel McHale delivering the opening narration? I’ll admit that despite my love of Ancient Aliens, I’ve never been a huge fan of The X-Files, particularly after the season six opener that failed to connect the feature film in any meaningful way or really progress the storyline toward anything I wanted to see. The show continued for another four years and birthed a second feature film, so there’s clearly still people hoping that the truth is out there.

The X-Files continues that search for the truth next year.

Mr. Robot Launches In The UK On Amazon Prime

USA Network’s big hit of the summer, Mr. Robot, and subsequently one of the most pirated TV shows this year, is going 100% legal in Britain, Germany and Austria as the Amazon Prime service in these respective countries has snapped it up.

Mr. Robot, the hacking conspiracy drama starring Scott Snyder-lookalike Rami Malekand Christian Slater, will have all ten series available for streaming to Amazon Prime customers in the UK from Friday 16th October. It joins Transparent, Hand of God, Outlander, Ripper Street, and the upcoming launch of Ridley Scott‘s Man in the High Castle.

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The A-Team To Return To Television

With all the 90s nostalgia inspiring the return of Full House, Twin Peaksand the like, it was about time 80s TV got some love. Deadline reports Fast and Furious writer/producer Chris Morgan will develop a new take on the 1980s action show, The A-Team.

The George Peppard/Mr. T series ran for 5 years on NBC and told the tale of four American Special Forces soldiers falsely accused of a crime, escaping a government prison and hiding in “the Los Angeles underground.” If you had a problem, and you could find them, you could hire the A-Team to blow up your problem real good.

Or, at least, blow up the Pontiac next to your problem in the hopes that it would intimidate him.

The new series will feature a mixed-gender A-Team still trying to clear their names while being “driven to help those in need by using their singular military skills, high-tech expertise, and often conflicting individual approaches.”

It is unclear if the original characters will be used, but you can bet on that prison escape being dramatized instead of just mentioned in the credit sequence. Also, place your bets on how quickly Katie Sackhoff gets asked if she’s going to play Faceman.

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Gets A Season 3 Poster

The season 3 poster for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been revealed and it looks very different that the previous years. The cast has grown, Skye is now Daisy Johnson / Quake, Phil Coulson is out of his normal suit and going with the one-glove look since his hand got severed. Also Mac, Bobbi, Hunter and Luke make the poster this year. And we have the tag line: “Are you Inhuman?”

And Grant Ward is still in the poster… seems like a team divided.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns on September 29th to ABC.

[Source: People]


Look At John Diggle’s New Suit

The CW has released two new images of David Ramsey as John Diggle in his new uniform / suit. The character of Diggle has been the voice of reason since season one of Arrow when he was hired to be Oliver Queen’s bodyguard. His character has evolved to being a husband, father and hero but he never got the outfit like the rest of Team Arrow. With the new season that changes as you can see him below… so what will his codename be? That has yet to be revealed. If I were to venture a guess I’d say Guardian… but we will see.

Arrow returns October 7th to the CW.


Richard E. Grant To Join Game of Thrones

Though unconfirmed by HBO, Watchers on the Wall reports actor Richard E. Grant has joined the cast of Game of Thrones for its sixth season, per a look at his agency’s website.

Grant has appeared in several shows including, Doctor Who and Girls,  and had memorable turns in Spice World and Hudson Hawk. But is perhaps best beloved by cult movie fans for Withnail and I, which also starred Eighth Doctor Paul McGann.

He was also, very briefly, cast as the Doctor for a series of flash-animated episodes on the official Doctor Who website in 2003, but this was cut short when the new series went into development.

It is unclear who he will play, but Watchers on the Wall suggest he might be Randyll Tarly, the as-of-yet uncast father of Samwell Tarly or a member of a theater company they’ve heard will make an impact on the show’s sixth year. It is also possible he may play Aeron Greyjoy, Theon’s uncle and a priest known as the Damphair.

UPDATE: Variety has confirmed Grant will be on the show, but his role is still “undisclosed.”

Grimm Season 5 – Nick On A Rampage

With the way season 4 ended, it makes sense that Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) is more than a little upset about things. Since the Grimm series began, the police officer and monster hunter has had his life flipped upside down multiple times… but the last season really put him threw an emotional wringer. As the new season begins, it appears his rage is taking over and he’s out for blood.

Grimm returns Friday October 30th on NBC.