Zachary Levi has a new podcast

Chuckaholics has learned Zachary Levi has started a podcast. It comes from his company The Nerd Machine. We have a page dedicated for the episodes that they produce.

You can find the podcast on Itunes and it is offered for free, but like we did for the intersect Project, we offer it here because not everyone has the capabilities to access Itunes and any other means of getting podcast.

We created a page for all the episodes that are released for your listening pleasure.  Click here for the page,

Nerd Machine Picking Favorites Podcast.

The Host of the Podcast
The hosts of Picking Favorites David Coleman. Zachary Levi, Razzle and Tyler Labine w/Adam Baldwin

It’s our way to support Zachary and his work. We only are promoting the podcast for entertainment purposes not for distribution in any way.

The Nerd Machine Starts An Auction For Operation Smile

Hey, nerds!
In co-operation with Operation Smile, The Nerd Machine have launched this year’s where you will find some great stuff signed by your favorite Nerd HQ celebrities, like 2 Xbox One signed by a list of over 70 celebrities that attended Nerd HQ, or even the head of Captain Awesome’s statue in Season 4 of CHUCK signed by Zac, Yvonne, Adam Baldwin and Ryan McPartlin.

Buy Auction Cause, Nerd HQ items on eBay. Find a huge selection of items and get what you want today.Auction Cause items – Get great deals on Nerd HQ items on eBay Stores!

Nerd HQ 2014 Panels

Hey Nerds, here are the Conversations for a Cause panels that will be on sale Saturday 7/19/14 at 12pm PDT.

Where is it:? Petco Park.
How much are tickets? $22 each.
How many seats? 300+ seats.
How many tickets can I buy? 2 tickets per panel per order. You can order multiple panels at once (though if you really want a panel, buy that one first).
Multiple orders are allowed.
All proceeds go to @operationsmile
You can purchase Conversations for a Cause tickets at

Nerd HQ Shatters Records, Raises $215,000 For Operation Smile

Third Annual Nerd HQ Shatters Records, Raises $215,000 For Operation Smile

This Year’s Sponsors Included Intel & ASUS, The FIAT Brand and Perfect World Entertainment

Zachary Levi and The Nerd Machine returned to Comic-Con this year bringing with them Nerd HQ. This annual event, now in its third year, provided fans with a home base during the international comic book and entertainment festival. Guests experienced cutting edge technology with hardware provided by Intel & ASUS; gaming showcases including action-packed Neverwinter gameplay; a sneak peak at the all-new, electric FIAT 500e and several exclusive parties including the festival favorite, Levi’s annual Nerd Party.

Also back by popular demand was the very popular philanthropic panel series “Conversation for a Cause.” Guest who purchased tickets to these intimate panels of about 250 people enjoyed asking questions of their favorite entertainers in an un-moderated forum. This year’s panels included some of the most talked about films, television shows and celebrities including “Riddick,” “Cast from ’300: Rise of an Empire,’” “Dr. Who,” “The Maze Runner,” “Haven,” “I, Frankenstein,” “Orphan Black,” “PBS Masterpiece: Sherlock,” “Psych,” “Stoopid Buddy with Seth Green,” “Thrilling Adventure Hour,” “Fannibal Meetup with Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy and David Slade,” “Signing with the legendary Jim Lee of DC Entertainment,” “Adult Swim Panel featuring cast members from NTSF and Children’s Hospital,” “Kick Ass 2 Panel and Signing,” “Tiny Commando featuring Ed Helms, Gillian Jacobs, Ryan McFaul and Zachary Levi,” “A Conversation with NASA/JPL Mars Curiosity Rover” and “A Conversation with Zachary Levi and Mystery Guests” and individual panels with Evangeline Lilly, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Joe Manganiello, Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Richard Madden, Tom Hiddleston, and Nerd HQ Founder Zachary Levi.

With the addition several new fundraising efforts, such as photo opportunities with celebrities including Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, David Giuntoli, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Levi, an exclusive auction on eBay that featured one-of-a-kind artwork from Elevendy, a huge screening of fan-favorite Serenity on Petco Park’s field, and a generous $10,000 donation from event sponsor Intel & ASUS, the event generated a record breaking $215,000 for Operation Smile or as Nerd HQ Founder Zachary Levi put it, 895 smiles.

TNM First Article – Autistic and brave enough to go to the olympics


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Still so proud of my self after going to SD nerdhq which no one ever thought i could leave my own home alone without support i showed them with nerd machine followers help that i could. This time something easier but still tricky going to the olympics just like Zac Levi was doing.

Zachary Levi



Mr. @MichaelPhelps winning the Platinum Medal. Didn’t even know that was possible

Now i get lost just walking up to the village shops and back home (10 min journey) so going to London on trains and coping with sensory overload with lots of people without having to many shutdown in which i loose the ability to talk and walk was very tricky.

but hey i did it

Emily Ireland-Smith@E_Irelandsmith

@ZacharyLevi saw your tweets In the Olympic so I came . I saw Sir Paul mcarnty so thanks zac

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As always thaks Zac,nerdmachine and its followers on twitter for encouragement and support.

Nerd HQ 2013

I made it to Nerd HQ which moved to Petco Park.The stadium was amazing.It was Nerd HQ third year and my second time.Like before I travelled alone and felt terribly brave doing this adventure on my own,but it is so worth it.


Petco Park was a large space so after getting use to the environment i felt very at ease,of course it helped with the always nice volunteers.



Nerd HQ offered video games, and cool things to look at – including an Iron Man suit and free photo booths.They also had an auction. M0re details can be found at –

Nerd HQ was a great place to sit down and unwind outside the hectic pace of the convention center. While sitting down i met so many generous fans who talked to me and helped me with tickets.However most people attending were there for one reason: the panels.

Nerd HQ panels :(Pink I went to)


The Maze Runner

Stoopid Buddy


Jim Lee


Zac Levi


Zac Levi & Mystery guests


I Frankenstein

Orphan Black


300:Rise of an Empire

Joe Manganiello



Joss Whedon

Thrilling adventure hour

Tiny Commando

Dr Who

Kick Ass 2

Evangeline Lilly

NTSF/Children Hospital

Richard Madden

Richard Madden

Serenity Movie  in the park


Nathan Fillion x2

Jared & Jenson

Tom Hiddleston

You can view all of Nerd HQ’s Conversations for a Cause on their YouTube channel.

The panels were held throughout the week in an an intimate room with only 250 seats and a stage.The best is that all proceeds benefited Operation Smile.

It was also a great place to have a guaranteed seat for some of the mostly highly anticipated smaller SDCC panels, including Dr Who and Haven. It was also a place to see many unique panels like Yahoo! webseries Tiny Commando.

Zachary levi who was currently doing broadway show First Date was saving his voice so this year he had assistant hosts Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion.

I had a fantastic time and recommend anyone who to come and join the nerdolution