Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Gets A Season 3 Poster

The season 3 poster for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been revealed and it looks very different that the previous years. The cast has grown, Skye is now Daisy Johnson / Quake, Phil Coulson is out of his normal suit and going with the one-glove look since his hand got severed. Also Mac, Bobbi, Hunter and Luke make the poster this year. And we have the tag line: “Are you Inhuman?”

And Grant Ward is still in the poster… seems like a team divided.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns on September 29th to ABC.

[Source: People]


ABC Releases Once Upon A Time Sneak Peak About The Dark One

If you haven’t seen the new Once Upon a Time sneak peak yet, today is your lucky day! Remember that heart wrenching moment when Emma sacrificed herself and we learned that she was the new dark one? Well, now we get to see a little bit of what happens after that moment. Thankfully that includes, Mary Margaret, David, Henry, Robin, Regina, and Hook’s reactions. I personally love the difference between Mary Margarets sweet hopeful reaction to Regina’s rough, sassy, more realistic way of looking at things. Take a look at the teaser below, and prepare yourself for the series premiere on September 27th.

New Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Poster For SDCC

Marvel Studios and ABC have released this new Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD poster drawn by Jim Cheung. This poster will be available at the Marvel boot at SDCC this week. The poster features a few interesting tidbits like Phil Coulson’s robotic hand,Jemma Simmons who we last saw being eaten by an artifact, Luke who like Skye is anInhuman, and everyone’s favorite turncoat Grant Ward.

In a nice bit of symmetry, the new season is rumored to follow a bit of the Secret Warriors storyline from the comics… which was drawn by Cheung.

[Source: TV Insider]


The First Five Minute Of The Whispers

If you like creepy stories about children’s imaginary friends turning out to be real and evil… then you might want to check out ABC’s The Whispers. Their description for the show says:

We love to play games with our children. But what happens when someone else starts to play with them too? Someone we don’t know. Can’t see. Can’t hear. In The Whispers, someone — or something — is manipulating the ones we love most to accomplish the unthinkable.

It stars Lily Rabe, Barry Sloane, Milo Ventimiglia, Derek Webster, Kristen Connolly, Kylie Rogers and Kyle Harrison Breitkopf. Here are the first five minutes from the pilot.

Stana Katic To Return For Season 8 Of Castle

STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLIONWith the eighth season of Castle getting the green light from ABC, the series was already set to go through changes as a new showrunner was needed. But both stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic needed new contracts as well. Fillion signed his before the shows return was announce, but Katic had not. Now Deadline is reporting that the crime-catching couple will both return as the actress who plays Kate Beckett is set to sign her new deal.

[Source: Deadline]

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Renewed, Agent Carter Ordered To Series By ABC


It is a very good day to be a comic book adaptation fan. With Fox, The CW and NBC staking claim on their own adaptations (Gotham, Flash, iZombie and Constantine), now ABC has joined in the fun with a second season renewal for Agents of SHIELD and a series pickup for Agent Carter announced.

This really isn’t a surprise and has been rumored for a while, but now it’s official, Coulson (Clark Gregg) and the SHIELD gang (or whatever they are now that Hydra has destroyed all that) will return for another season. Hopefully word about the much improved second half of the first season can bring back some people who tuned out after a slow start.

Meanwhile, Hayley Atwell will be back to reprise Peggy Carter, who stole plenty of hearts in Captain America: The First Avenger. I didn’t love her returning as an old woman in Winter Soldier and am really looking forward to seeing more of Peggy as she should be, in the field kicking ass in the 1940s.