SAN DIEGO, CA – July 20, 2017 – The force was strong on premiere night of SYFY LIVE FROM COMIC-CON as host Zachary Levi rode in with Chewbacca to kick off the party. Craig Robinson and Adam Scott (“Ghosted”) battled it out in the Headline vs. Plotline challenge and Levi goes on a “bender” with John DiMaggio of “Futurama.”

In case you missed it, check out this clip from tonight’s show:

The party continues tomorrow at 11/10c on SYFY. For more clips from SYFY LIVE FROM COMIC-CON please visit SYFY’s YouTube page.

For the full SYFY SDCC schedule please click here.

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Twitter: @SYFY #ItsAFanThing #SDCC

SYFY LIVE FROM COMIC-CON airs Thursday, July 20 thru Saturday, July 22 at 11/10c on SYFY

SYFY LIVE FROM COMIC-CON 2017 marks the return of last summer’s network event, with three nights of live-to-tape, hour-long primetime specials broadcasting from the epicenter of San Diego Comic-Con. LFCC 2017 will be a celebration of all things nerd related, delivering the entertainment, information, credibility and authenticity fans crave. Hosted by super fan Zachary Levi, this summer’s show will be feeding fan passion with news from the ‘con, exclusive content, first looks and interviews with franchise stars and creators in order to provide a fully immersive experience for the viewer. We’re taking a deeper dive into the heart of the ‘Con and embracing the genre itself in order to super-serve the core fans.

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