Nerd HQ Returns to San Diego Comic-Con, New Children’s Museum for 2016

The wait is finally over for San Diego Comic-Con attendees, as The Nerd Machine announced today that Nerd HQ is headed back to San Diego Comic-Con 2016.


Nerd HQ is headed back to the New Children’s Museum, their second time at the facility (though their fourth home in total). Last year, The Nerd Machine transformed the 35,000 square foot, three-floor, facility into a mecca of star-studded panels for their Conversations for a Cause, gaming, dance parties, and even just a relaxing place to spend a few hours (we say this every year, but there are sofas, guys. You can sit!).

There are currently no further details, but just like in previous years, we expect the event to be free to attend, with the popular Conversations for a Cause costing around $22 to attend (with all proceeds going to Operation Smile).


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