Agent Carter Season 2 Episodes 8: “The Edge of Mystery” & 9: “A Little Song and Dance”

As we rapidly approach the season two finale, our Agent Carter cast of characters are going through some major changes–some good, some very not good. Let’s check in with our friends to see how they fared during this week’s two-episode double feature.


Jarvis finds out that even though Ana made it through the gunshot wound inflicted by Whitney Frost, she won’t be able to have children. James D’Arcy’s performance here is really phenomenal. Jarvis normally has such an innocent upbeatness to him, that seeing his reaction to his wife’s injuries is truly sobering. You have to remember that this is taking place in the 1940’s–today, not being able to have children is not such a horrible thing for most. But in the forties, having a family was not just the absolute norm, but the expectation. For Jarvis to find out he and his wife can never have a family of their own, it would be devastating. It made me think of a fatherly Jarvis raising Tony Stark for the absent and eccentric Howard, knowing that he could never have a son of his own. (Yes, I teared up a bit, don’t judge me.)


02x09 AC 2Our dear sweet Mr. Jarvis becomes obsessed with revenge, to the point that he shoots Whitney Frost point-blank in the chest. Damn Jarv, you straight up murdered Whitney Frost! Or rather, you would have if she wasn’t a space goo filled supervillain. But she is, so instead he gets himself and Peggy captured. Don’t worry, they escape, but they do have a blow out shout fest in the middle of the desert than ends in Peggy dropping some major truth bombs. Later, Jarvis’ other leading lady drops some truth on him, too. Both scenes are really moving, and they both serve to remind Jarvis that Peggy is not actually a butt-kicking machine, as much as she may seem it. She has been through hell and, as Ana asks him, who does she really have on her side? “Only you.” Excuse me as I make BFF bracelets for them and cry.


Jack Thompson, a.k.a. Agent Chad Michael Murray, goes through quite the rollercoaster this week as well. He’s bad–tries to blackmail Peggy like a fool–then he’s okay–turns against his mentor Vernon Masters–then he’s good, I guess–helps Sousa and Samberly out of being killed by Vernon’s goons–then bad, maybe–sacrifices Vernon for his own seat on the Counsel of Nine–then okay again–he was lying, maybe? Like I said, a rollercoaster. I’m really holding out hope that he was serious about wanting Vernon’s seat on the Counsel. This would be a major shift for Thompson, from a simpering lapdog to a conniving, ambitious, actual bad guy. Honestly, I feel like this is the most interesting thing that could happen with this character, and it would allow for the continued threat of corruption within the SSR. Plus Chad Michael Murray makes a mean bad guy. But we’ll see.


02x08 AC 4Dr. Wilkes contracts a little case of Stockholm Syndrome and, while in the capture of Whitney Frost, decides he needs more zero matter too. He holds a shotgun up to Peggy’s head for goodness sake. Plus, apparently he and Whitney both hear this voice?? From the zero matter rift?? …Which is not crazy or freaky at all. Wilkes also sucks up a whole bunch of new zero matter during the nuclear test that Whitney finally makes happen, which kind of turns him into a walking black goo time bomb. One thing I really appreciated from Wilkes this week was that, when Peggy tried to play off his crazy as just a symptom of the zero matter, he took responsibility for his actions–it wasn’t the zero matter, it was all him. Peggy, the dear, still does everything she can to save him, but he makes his own choice again. Episode nine ends as he walks toward Whitney Frost and explodes. I’m not sure he’ll be able to survive that kamikaze attack on Frost, but I guess we’ll have to see if he returns for the finale next week. If not, at least he tried to redeem himself and take out Whitney before she could cause any more harm (though seeing as there’s one more episode left, I doubt he succeeded).


02x09 ACThis week’s episodes saw poor Peggy’s tough exterior slowly breaking and gave us a glimpse at just how
much all of this craziness is affecting her. Her face really showed how much it hurt to have Jarvis remind her that everyone around her dies, and when Wilkes turns his gun on her she can’t hide the feeling of betrayal. Haley Atwell really has a gift for imbuing this strong, stoic lady with vulnerability and emotion when it counts. Also, at the beginning of episode nine, we get to see inside Peggy’s head while she’s knocked out–who would have guessed she’d have a musical number about her love triangle rattling around in there? As fun and flashy as the number is, it serves to show that Peggy is really torn about Wilkes and Sousa, even though she doesn’t show it–mostly because there are more pressing matters to attend to (a supervillain, for example).

02x08 AC 2


Finally, let’s address the rosey pink elephant in the room–and no, I don’t mean Rose, though she was wonderful this week. Peggy and Sousa totally had like three significant, almost-kiss moments this week, and we still got no actual kiss. I’m growing old waiting for this relationship to become a relationship.


Other highlights of this week’s episodes: Ken Marino continuing to steal every scene as Manfredi, the mobster who loves his women beautiful and powerful; Samberly getting on Sousa’s every single last nerve; Peggy trying to corral all of the ridiculous men in her life into not killing themselves; and of course getting to see both Lyndsy Fonseca’s Angie and Peggy’s brother Michael in Peggy’s dream sequence. Also, props to Sousa for summarizing Whitney Frost in one succinct phrase: you know, the “lady that kills people with black space goo.”

02x08 AC (2)

Next week is the season two finale so I expect we’ll get resolutions to our major plotlines. I’m hoping to see Whitney Frost go full blown Madame Masque, and there better be a freaking Peggy-Sousa kiss. “Do as Peggy says” and don’t miss the final episode, next Tuesday on ABC!

Karen Gillan, Charisma Carpenter, Jon Heder, and Julie Benz come to Silicon Valley Comic Con

WARNER BROS. PICTURES, LIONSGATE AND AMC’S “HALT AND CATCH FIRE” SIGN UP FOR SILICON VALLEY COMIC CON 2016New Celebrity Guests: Karen Gillan (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), Charisma Carpenter (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Jon Heder (“Napoleon Dynamite”) and Julie Benz (“Dexter”)

Technology Leader Additions: Renowned Theoretical Cosmologist Janna Levin (“How the Universe Got Its Spots”) and Beamed Energy Expert Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux (Co-Founder of Escape Dynamics)

More details have been released for Silicon Valley Comic Con(SVCC), Steve Wozniak’s pop culture and technology expo, as more Hollywood studios, celebrities and technology icons are confirmed to appear at the show.HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS
Warner Bros. Pictures, Lionsgate and AMC will participate in SVCC. Fans of AMC’s drama “Halt and Catch Fire” can catch a special screening and panel for the series at Silicon Valley Comic Con prior to the third season premiere summer 2016. Set in the 1980s, “Halt and Catch Fire” (starring Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishe) dramatizes the personal computing boom during the debut of the most disruptive idea of  the modern era: the Internet.

Karen Gillan (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Doctor Who”), Charisma Carpenter (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” The Lying Game”), Jon Heder (“Napoleon Dynamite,” “Blades of Glory”) and Julie Benz (“Dexter,” “Hawaii 5-0”) will join the already star-studded celebrity roster that includes: Jeremy Renner, Stan Lee, William Shatner, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Sean Astin, Ray Park, Adam Savage, Christopher Lloyd, Tim Miller and Andy Weir.

SVCC speaker schedule and topics will be revealed at a later date, but two additional renowned industry experts are confirmed for the show: Janna Levin and Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux.

The astrophysicist and author Janna Levin (“A Madman of Dreams of Turing Machines,” “How the Universe Got Its Spots” and, most recently, “Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space”) has contributed to the understanding of black holes, the cosmology of extra dimensions, the sound of spacetime, and gravitational waves in the shape of spacetime.

Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux is co-founder of Escape Dynamics, a technology company which has greatly advanced the state of the art in beamed energy propulsion for space launch and was featured on the cover of Aviation Week, and in Scientific American as a “World Changing Idea” that could enable microwave-powered single-stage to orbit spaceplanes and aircraft-like operations to orbit.

Comic Artists Frank Cirocco (“Alien Legion”) and Shannon Eric Denton (“Con Man”, “X-Men”) will also be part of the star-studded lineup of famous artists on hand.

Award-winning artist, set designer, illustrator and papercrafter, Owen Gildersleeve will be creating a life size Iron Man on the show floor. His past work includes the “Nissan Juke: Folded in Britain” where he built a life-sized Nissan Juke out of paper, “Discoverer’s Alliance” a mockumentary of a fictional society devoted to the exploration of sea and space, and the book “Paper Cut.”

Silicon Valley Comic Con will be held the weekend of March 18-20, 2016 at the San Jose Convention Center. To be the first to hear more details as they are released, sign up and follow @SVComicCon on Twitter. Silicon Valley Comic Con welcomes exhibitors who want to join the Woz in uniting pop culture and technology. Companies and artists who are interested in exhibiting can request details on the Silicon Valley Comic Con website.

Spider-Man Returns to Marvel; New Movie Coming in 2017

In a reboot of the “Spider-Man” franchise, Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced a new partnership with Marvel Studios that brings the popular superhero into the Marvel universe.

A new Spider-Man film will hit theaters on July 28, 2017.

Sony has owned the feature rights to comic book character since 1999, when Marvel sold them for $7 million.

According to the deal, Sony and Marvel will cast a new Spidey after Andrew Garfield starred in the last two films, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Tobey Maguire played Peter Parker in the previous three installments for Sony.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige will produce the rebooted Spider-Man with Amy Pascal, who recently stepped down as co-chairman of Sony in a new producer deal. She oversaw the $4 billion Spider-Man franchise for over 13 years at the studio.

Captain America: Civil War’ Super Bowl Ad Forces The Avengers To Choose A Side



Well, I guess we did end up with a Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl commercial after all, even if it’s before the big game. We got one for Captain America: The Winter Soldier back in 2014, which in turn led right into the second trailer for the film, but there is no reason to play 2-for-1 this time out with a frankly higher-profile sequel. And moreover, since the gimmick this time out is go small as much as possible (I’m assuming the big explosion scene is from the film’s inciting incident, but that’s a presumption), it makes sense to leave tonight’s sell at the thirty-second spot mark and leave the second trailer for the likes of Zootopia or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

By the way, if Dawn of Justice ends up being lousy (I am still hopeful that it is not) and Walt Disney DIS -1.23% does wait for said premiere to drop the next trailer, then we’ll have a situation not unlike August 2012 when Sony dropped their spectacular Skyfall trailer with Universal’s truly terrible The Bourne Legacy. I wrote back then, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that Sony should have played said Skyfall trailer AFTER The Bourne Legacy as a kind of “Wow, that stunk, but this one is gonna knock your socks off!” showmanship.

Anyway, this pre-Super Bowl spot is only a little less low-key and small(er)-scale as the trailer that debuted in the run-up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Said trailer certainly felt small compared to the third Dawn of Justice trailer or the likes of Warcraft, The Jungle Book, and X-Men: Apocalypse, but that’s arguably the point. As I’ve discussed here and there, it is of paramount importance that this film be treated as not Avengers 2.5 but rather Captain America 3. Disney and Marvel don’t want box office expectations leaning towards the $1.4 billion/$1.5 billion Avengers movies but rather the $714 million-grossing Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And that arguably goes for quality perceptions as well.

Without going into critic-y nitpicks, I think we can agree that most critics/pundits liked Captain America: The Winter Soldier more than Avengers: Age of Ultron. So from a quality and business standpoint, it is utterly in Marvel’s interest to sell this as a third Captain America movie as opposed to a new Avengers installment. So as such the focus has been on character drama and real-world action sequences. Interestingly enough, save for characters with super strength and a beat with a man inside a computer, The Winter Soldier was as “real world” as a Fast/Furious or Mission: Impossible movie. And that’s the sell we’re getting here, with character drama and mostly real-world action between would-be superheroes.

It will be interesting to see to what extent Marvel offers up what presumably will be the third-act threat that brings our heroes back together, assuming the film doesn’t end with everyone in true disarray. Yes, I would hope that the film may have the courage to do what Age of Ultron would not, which is end with our heroes not necessarily on the same page going forward, at least until everyone gets back together for Infinity War. But there is still a potential concern about reassuring parents that the film doesn’t end with Iron Man and Captain America bloodily pummeling each other to death or what-not, which is why Warner Bros./Time Warner TWX -5.11% Inc. gave away the third act threat that unites its heroes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Netflix Confirms ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival, Original Cast Returning

Gilmore Girls” is officially returning.

Following speculation and many reports, Netflix confirmed that the beloved series will be revived — and with original stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson and Kelly Bishop. A premiere date or title has not been set.

While Netflix is not commenting on the structure of the show or the episodic order, sources tell Variety the revival will be comprised of four separate 90-minute installments, rather than a typical television series, as previously reported.

“Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is back for the reboot, along with her husband and producing/writing partner Daniel Palladino who served as a writer, director and exec producer on the show that ran from 2000 to 2007. The duo is attached to write and direct the reboot, which Netflix has dubbed the “final season.”

Also returning from the original series are cast members Sean Gunn and Keiko Agena.

For Netflix, the project will serve as a boost to the streaming giant’s growing nostalgia-themed programming, joining “Full House” revival “Fuller House,” which is also returning with the original cast.

Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls” revival hails from Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.