Fantastic Four’ Going Back To Marvel Is Reportedly ‘Completely Untrue’

It looks like Fantastic Four is staying put!

In a story that seemed like it was straight out of ESPN, Den of Geek reported earlier today that Marvel had struck a deal with 20th Century Fox to get the rights to Fantastic Four in exchange for the X-Men television rights.

According to the report, the proposed deal would allow Fox to follow through on two X-Men television series, while giving Marvel access to the villainous trio of Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Doctor Doom. It was also rumored that Marvel already had a Fantastic Four reboot film on it’s five-year movie slate.

Not surprisingly, fans were quick to jump on the reports. But according to Entertainment Weekly movies writer Anthony Breznican, the reported superhero swap is not actually happening.

“Spoke with Fox and Marvel and both sides confirm: Fantastic Four is still with Fox. No change of hands,” Breznican wrote on Twitter.

Den of Geek has also updated their original story to include a response from 20th Century Fox that called their report “completely untrue.”

In a related story, The Incredible Hulk is still being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for Kobe Bryant. Kidding. For now, anyway.

Marvel’s Fantastic Four film would reportedly be released in 2020.

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