Heroes Reborn Recap – Chapter Three

GUYS. GUYS.  Okay, I know I’m a pretty excitable person, but you need to know that both DURING and AFTER the third episode of “Heroes Reborn”, I stood up on my couch and yelled nonsensical sounds in utter excitement.  On a scale from “can” to “can’t”, I am at a “CANNOT EVEN”, okay?  So let’s talk about what went down this week while I flail uncontrollably.

We last left Miko fighting off the guards in the lobby of Yamagato Tower, after her magical video-game-transporting sword somehow dropped her off there.  While she’s doing pretty well for herself, it starts to look like she’s bitten off a bit more than she can chew.  Unfortunately for Miko, a guy named Harris (Clé Bennett) shows up and basically takes out our Katana Girl in mere seconds, relieving her of her sword.  He means business.

Harris delivers the sword and information about Miko to his boss: Erica Kravid (Rya Kihlstedt), the CEO of Renautas.  She’s a bit busy trying to get their new E.P.I.C. system up and running, but is all like, “Um, this is totally Hiro’s sword!” which confirms what we were all guessing when the sword first appeared last week.  She also questions how Miko could be the daughter of Hachiro Otomo, as if that’s not possible or something. VERY interesting, no?

So Harris questions Miko, who is holed up in a conference room (and calmly making origami dragons, no less).  He wants to know where she got the sword.  She tells him that she got it from her father, and he questions her further: does she have her father’s powers? Is she his “best work”?  Does she remember the accident or “the death”?  Miko, and the rest of us, are perplexed by his questioning, so it’s a good thing that before Harris can start getting violent to get some answers, Ren shows up to save Miko.  He came to the Tower looking for her and, after seeing Erica and Harris with her sword in the lobby, snuck into the offices to find her. Miko hacks off Harris’ arm as a parting gift and peaces out with Ren, but wait! With a bunch of gross noises and some CGI, not only does Harris’ arm grow back, but a WHOLE OTHER HARRIS grows out of his severed arm.  I don’t know whether to be grossed out or impressed (I’m leaning more towards grossed out, to be honest).  Nevertheless, Ren fills Miko in on some information about Renautas and Erica, who has left Japan for Midian, Colorado.  Miko insists that they follow Erica to America to get her sword back.  (Similar to how a certain OTHER evo ended up in Times Square several years back, right?)


Oh, Carlos, honey.  I know you’re trying, but this week did just NOT go well for you, did it?  Guy’s got absolutely ZERO skills at dealing with grieving children (I’m talking about Jose, obviously- AND Carlos is still in the dark about his nephew’s powers), but I suppose he’s a bit better at the whole “vengeance on the dude who had my brother killed” thing.   But not by much.  See, he’s been following Captain Dearing  (the bad cop who seems to be in charge of the super secret evo-capturing sector in the police force) around town. Dearing (played by Dylan Bruce, by the way, from “Orphan Black”) and the others in his Bad Cop Crew are capturing evo’s and trying to get information about the “Underground Railroad” that Oscar and the priest had been running.  Thankfully, it looks like no one’s given up any information, but Dearing tags one of the evo’s they captured before chucking her through a window- don’t worry, she can fly- so they hope to be lead right to the source of the railroad.

Since Carlos is the WORST secret agent, he is almost discovered while he watches all of this happen, but the priest shows up and pulls his awesome smoke magic and makes them both disappear.  Carlos is all like, “Gross, dude, don’t!” and doesn’t want his help or his “better purpose” talk.  He wants to kill the people that killed his brother and that’s IT.  But apparently, the priest’s little nudge goes a long way– Carlos continues to follow Dearing to the evo’s secret hideout and is able to warn them to leave before they can be captured.  Oh, and also, he’s DRESSED AS EL VENGADOR!  So when Dearing gets there, we’re all expecting Carlos to beat this guy to a pulp, right?   Well, I mean, he does his best, but it turns out that Dearing himself is an evo with super strength.  Poor Carlos gets his ass kicked.  Like, badly.  Like, he has to jump out of third story window to escape.  HOWEVER, though it’s clear that his powers are not of the fighting nature, NORMAL PEOPLE can’t jump out a window from a high floor and just walk away from it (even if he WAS limping), so… does Carlos have powers himself?  Will they help him get better at life in general?



Our favorite murderous couple is driving away from the Primatech site in Odessa in HRG’s car.  Joanne is all psyched, right, because they have information on every evo in existence and can go around killing everybody and life will be great.  But Luke is looking super unenthusiastic about the whole thing.  It doesn’t help when he goes to shut off the radio and the entire car dies, leaving the two to walk to their next destination.  

So when they arrive at a diner to rest and eat, Luke is feeling pretty blue and is deep in “I miss my son” mode. He wonders to Joanne why they’re still on this killing thing.  He wants to go home.  She’s not having it (she’s basically gleeful at the thought of all the deaths they”re about to cause) so he changes tactics: maybe they should go west and see the ocean.  Joanne’s all like, “Shush, honey, eat your steak and maybe have a drink because you’re harshing my vibe” so Luke shuts up and goes to eat.  But hang on a minute: as he cuts into his steak, the knife he’s holding glows read under his touch and sears the his steak.  He drops everything and starts to freak out a bit.  Joanne, not the most attentive of wives, notices nothing.

After stealing another car, Luke and Joanne stop at a motel.  Luke’s not doing so hot- actually, he’s doing SUPER DANGEROUSLY hot, since he seems to be developing EVO POWERS HOLY CRAP.  He hides from Joanne and basically lights up like a Christmas tree that happens to be on fire.  His glowiness seems to be coming from the sun or something, but his powers are also vaguely reminiscent of Ted Sprague, the exploding man from the first “Heroes” series.  What’s THAT about, right?


Since Luke and Joanne (let’s be honest, we all know it was Joanne) shot Quentin as they stole HRG’s car, the two men are making a pit stop at a hospital to get Quentin all stitched up.  But a random doctor at the hospital remembers HRG from June 13th and calls security on him.

HRG can’t remember being at the hospital at all, so he naturally holds a security guard at gunpoint and looks through their footage of June 13th to see what he was up to.  He finds quite a few things that he doesn’t remember: hanging out with Molly Walker and seeing Claire in the morgue.  Not only that, but his timeline jumps around like crazy which makes him think that Hiro Nakamura (from the original “Heroes” series) has something to do with it.

After HRG and Quentin escape the hospital, they both wonder- with her healing/regeneration powers, how could Claire die?  But they have bigger things to worry about, like saving Molly Walker from Renautas.  

They arrive at Renautas’ headquarters just as Erica Kravid and her team are about to launch their EPIC system.  Molly had been taken there by the girl who hustled her in the last episode- the girl’s name is Taylor, and she’s Erica’s daughter.  Strangely, her evo boyfriend (the guy with the telekinesis powers that almost killed Molly) wasn’t allowed to come with them.  Molly tried to plead with Taylor and tell her that Renautas was going to kill her boyfriend, but Taylor’s like, “Whatevs, my mom the boss” and doesn’t listen.  

After a BRILLIANT distraction plan by HRG and Quentin, they finally get to Molly and try to get her to escape with them.  Molly takes one look at HRG and refuses, telling them, “There’s too much at risk”.  What the-?  Naturally, she’s captured by one of the Harris’, gets strapped to a chair, and then gets plugged into the EPIC system (by the neck! How Matrix-y of them!).  It looks pretty painful.

Meanwhile, Erica begins the program launch of EPIC- using some nifty glasses, Renautas is now able to locate every evo on the planet, regardless of distance.  While HRG and Quentin watch from their hiding spot, they realize that they again have to try and rescue Molly and shut down the EPIC system before Renautas can capture all the evo’s.


Oh, man, Tommy is making bad decisions again.  He tries to tell his mom that he’s going to Brad’s to play video games one night, but she’s all like, “Dude, you just did push-ups AFTER you got dressed, that foolishness is not for Brad.”  She knows he’s totally going to a party and is pissed that he lied about it, so she wants him to stay home.  Tommy gets all angry-teenager on her and lets her know that he’s been getting strange texts from someone, warning him about stuff.  His mom is considerably freaked about this new development and demands he stay home, but Tommy uses his powers to whomph past his mom and leave. OH SNAP, SOMEONE’S GONNA BE GROUNDED ‘TIL THEY’RE FORTY.

At the house party, little baby teenagers are drinking (what happened to the days of letting 30-year-olds play high schoolers? “Heroes”, you’re making me feel ancient).  Apparently, Tommy helped Brad get the booze with his powers. This mess has trouble written all over it:  Brad knows too much and is an idiot.  Though Tommy is enjoying the friendship and normalcy, he’s also sort-of ignoring Emily.  She gets up to leave and Tommy finally pays attention to her.  Not only that, he wants to walk her home and Emily’s all for it.  Uh-oh, Brad, your girl is getting better boyfriend material elsewhere!

Meanwhile, the Mysterious Penny-Suitcase Guy is, as always, following and watching Tommy.  As he sits in his car outside of the party,  Tommy’s mom suddenly shows up and threatens him with a gun to his neck.  She asks if he’s “the Protector” and wants to know how long he’s been following them.  The man tells her that he promised to protect Tommy and won’t break that promise, since the world will need him soon.  She tells him, and whoever he’s working for, to stay away from them.  She sees Tommy and makes him leave with her, totally you-know-what-blocking her son and Emily.

As they drive away, Tommy asks who she was talking to and his mom refuses to answer.  He notices that she looks how she always looks when they’re about to move and tells her that he wants to stay in town.  But when they approach a stop light that’s red in all directions, his mom freaks and drives away, only to have something plow into them from the side.  The car flips around with Tommy and his mom still inside.


Malina, a young girl, is trying to control some weird storm in the sky.  There is an invisible woman with her, guiding her.  While Malina doesn’t think she’s ready, the invisible lady doesn’t care and tells her,  “The world will need your powers soon.”  The invisible lady urges Malina to hurry while Harris and some other men in the new EPIC glasses from Renautas search for them.  But what is Malina trying to control? What’s up with the storm?


  • The whole exchange between HRG and the security guard about zooming in on the security video, like they’re somehow able to do in EVERY OTHER SHOW, made me very happy.

  • This episode’s best line goes to Quentin, of course: “Oh, MAN.  Now that we’ve made it to the Deathstar on time, what do we do now?”

  • Also, I really loved Quentin’s acting skills while trying to distract the Renautas guards to get to Molly.  Perfection, Quentin, good job.
  • Luke refuses a drink so quickly that it makes me wonder if drinking has been a problem for him in the past.  Not that I’d blame him with everything he’s been through!
  • I know I’m supposed to be pissed at Joanne for being a murderous baddie, but Judi Shekoni makes her so INTERESTING that I can’t quite get there.  This could change if she tries to kill Luke (who is slowly entering “he’s just a tiny, baby animal and must be protected” territory), but we’ll see.
  • With so many nods toward Hiro in this episode, I hope he makes a comeback soon!
  • I’m still loving Emily, who seems to be so much smarter than Tommy.  He needs to listen to her at all times.  But then, she’s still with Brad, who is clearly the WORST, so maybe she’s not the smartest.  I’ll give her a pass, though, because she’s a hormonal teenager.
  • What was with the “one of us, one of them” thing that Erica said to Taylor?  What did THAT mean?

What did YOU think of Chapter Three, nerds? Got any theories about where the story is going?  Let us know in the comments below!


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