The A-Team To Return To Television

With all the 90s nostalgia inspiring the return of Full House, Twin Peaksand the like, it was about time 80s TV got some love. Deadline reports Fast and Furious writer/producer Chris Morgan will develop a new take on the 1980s action show, The A-Team.

The George Peppard/Mr. T series ran for 5 years on NBC and told the tale of four American Special Forces soldiers falsely accused of a crime, escaping a government prison and hiding in “the Los Angeles underground.” If you had a problem, and you could find them, you could hire the A-Team to blow up your problem real good.

Or, at least, blow up the Pontiac next to your problem in the hopes that it would intimidate him.

The new series will feature a mixed-gender A-Team still trying to clear their names while being “driven to help those in need by using their singular military skills, high-tech expertise, and often conflicting individual approaches.”

It is unclear if the original characters will be used, but you can bet on that prison escape being dramatized instead of just mentioned in the credit sequence. Also, place your bets on how quickly Katie Sackhoff gets asked if she’s going to play Faceman.

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