San Diego Comic-Con Badge Validation Period for Preregistration 2016 Opens

Last week, when Comic-Con International promised that the badge validation period would be coming soon, they weren’t kidding. Today, the process opened up – and just like with last year, this process involves inputting a physical code from the back of your 2015 San Diego Comic-Con general attendee badge into your Member ID in order to be eligible for Preregistration for 2016, which will occur at a later date. You have between now and September 15, 2015, in order to validate your badge – meaning that Preregistration will occur sometime after that.

This badge validation process – which is only for general attendees who attended in 2015 – is presumably to help ensure that those trying to buy badges for 2016 really did attend, and didn’t simply scalp their badges. Hopefully you followed our and Comic-Con International’s advice, and kept that number.

Assuming you did, here’s a look at the relatively simple process to validate your badge. Simply log in to your Member ID, enter your “Badge ID” printed on the badge, and click continue.


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