Could the 12th Doctor (13th sequentially), as portrayed by Peter Capaldi potentially be considered as being on the Autism spectrum?…….Does he display autistic characteristics that might lead to an in-universe diagnosis of ASD?

He displays many hallmarks of the condition.

He has shown similar sensory defensiveness to such contact in other cases and when kissed on the Cheek in thanks by another character had a like behavior/

He displays Echolalia on more then one occasion. His shuttity up up up gig while an overt parody of Petrer’s Malcom Tucker character from in the thcik of it is likewise a repeated language behavior. He repeats names repeatedly and responds to himself when no one is thinking.

He shows problems with his own emotions and with that of others. He attempts to pass this off as emotional detachment, Here is a telling interaction from inte the Dalek:

But in other scenes shows very clearly that he does feel strongly all of the emotions he ever did.

He gives unrelated answers to questions, or more correctly her perceives different relationships and he counters questions with entirely different ones that he considers more significant. (Deep Breath shows this very clearly)

His interests border on obsessive, which was part of the point of “Listen” though ultimately that obsession was probably Clara’s fault. (Timey Wimey)

He displays ALL of the following autistic markers:

  • Avoids eye-contact
  • Does not appear to share interests with others but rather focuses on and expects others to follow his own interests.
  • Generally interacts to achieve his specific desired goals
  • Has flat or a seemingly inappropriate facial expressions and inappropriate or flat affect.
  • Does not understand personal space or boundaries
  • Avoids or resists physical contact
  • Is not comforted by others during distress, nor does he comfort others.
  • Has trouble understanding other people’s feelings or talking about own feelings
  • Impulsivity (acting without thinking)
  • Short attention span

Many of the things that make Peter’s Doctor both Dark and Alien very much come off to me as autistic traits.

So whats your take. Do you think the 12th Doctor is Autistic?

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