Yvonne Strahovski Princess Rap Battle

After years of us wanting to see Yvonne Strahovski rap (or was that just me?), it’s finally happened. We’ve officially been gifted 3 minutes and 23 seconds of straight up StRAPhovski.

Straight. Up. StRAPhovski.

Thank you, “Princess Rap Battle”, for this unbelievably priceless gift that you have given us all.

“Princess Rap Battle” creator Whitney Avalon announced a few weeks ago that Yvonne Strahovski would be her newest guest star on her YouTube series that’s so far garnered tens of millions of hits for each episode.

We waited for what felt like ages to find out which princesses Yvonne and Whitney would play respectively. They gave us hints, made us guess, and then released photos of Whitney Avalon as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (1959), with Strahovski next to her, dressed as none other than the Khaleesi herself, Daenerys Targaryen from HBO’s Game of Thrones.


I don’t know about everybody else, but I was definitely digging the dragon theme in this episode. Even if you haven’t watched the wildly popular HBO series based off of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy book series, you’re most likely aware of the character of Daenerys, and if not, you’ve probably at least heard fans of the show mention “Khaleesi”. Daenerys has a deep connection with dragons, and it is touched upon brilliantly in “Princess Rap Battle”. And (spoiler alert!) Maleficent turns herself into a dragon to stop Prince Philip from saving Sleeping Beauty, breathing all sorts of fire and wreaking havoc, as villains do. Daenerys and Maleficent were a brilliant match-up by Avalon, and I’ll go out on a limb to say this was my favorite match-up so far, certainly the cleverest.

Whitney Avalon has proven time and time again that she has the chops for writing hilarious lyrics, and that she has the talent to pull off her roles. It’s her guest stars that tend to be put to the test in each episode, and Yvonne Strahovski did not disappoint. Any fan of Strahovski is probably aware of the numerous times the Aussie actress (known for her roles in CHUCK and Showtime’s Dexter) mentioned rapping in interviews and during Nerd HQ panels. This was well worth the wait.

Yvonne’s stone-faced rapping and hand gestures, combined with her Australian accent and Avalon’s brilliant lyrics, not only had me on the floor laughing, I was sincerely blown away by her dominating queen-like presence. It is truly a majestic experience.

Check out the “Princess Rap Battle”, “Maleficent vs Daenerys” and make sure your bum is solidly in your chair before you click play. Trust me.

Well done, Whitney Avalon. And thank you, Whitney Avalon, for inviting Yvonne Strahovski to play in your brilliant sandbox.

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San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Vinyls: Doctor Who And Stay Puft!

At San Diego Comic Con this year, Titan Merchandise will have four exclusive Titans available. The line up includes David Tennant as the 10th Doctor in a tuxedo,and another exclusive in the 11th Doctors trademark Fez, Sherlock, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. You can find them at Booth #5537. They range from $15-$20, and will be very limited in stock. Take a look at the photos below!

As a side note, be sure to participate in Titan Comics hashtag, #WeLoveTitans. Tons of fans post really cool photos that feature their own collections. I had no idea that there was such an expansive selection of collectibles coming from this company. It’s one of those things that you’ve seen a million times in stores, but never made the connection. Now, I know! The figures have a unique design that sets them apart from the normal collectibles out there right now. Be sure to check them out!

unnamed (4)unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed

Titan Merchandise To Release Cartoon Network Titans!

Ready for some nostalgia? Titan Merchandise has exciting cartoon related news! I’m talking about classic Cartoon Network characters being transformed into Cartoon Network Titans! The Cartoon Network collection brings together fan favorites from such classic and contemporary series as Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, Adventure Time and Uncle Grandpa.

They will be released in a wave of 3” blind-boxed vinyl figures. Some of the characters come with a character specific accessory. Plus, there are 4 hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect.So you know what that means…major addiction. Blind boxes always force you to buy and buy again, until you get the figures you want. Don’t believe me? Just imagine picking up a blind box, with all of your hopes and dreams centered on getting aDexter and then you get Samurai Jack. You know what you’re going to do? You’re going to go buy another blind box, and another, until you get the one you want. Try it for yourself! The Cartoon Network collection will hit stores in December.


New Supergirl Trailer Brings in The Phantom Zone

Global Entertainment has posted an international trailer for the new Supergirl series. In the trailer we get a better idea of the setup for the show including how her cousin Kal-El is older than her now when he was younger when they left Krypton. Seems Kara Zor-El‘s ship was sent off course by a shock wave from the planet exploding and was sent into the Phantom Zone. She was there 24 years where no time passes.

The inclusion of the Phantom Zone in the setup gives the series a source for super-powered baddies in the same way the particle accelerator explosion created a lost of the villains for The Flash.

Supergirl is set to debut on CBS on October 26th.

Toys“R”Us Raises the Curtain on Its 2015 Comic Convention Exclusives

Toys“R”Us will provide convention goers the opportunity to be among the first to purchase exclusive merchandise, including BATMAN Classic TV Series Batgirl, Mortal Combat X Glow-in-the Dark Raiden, G.I. JOE DESERT DUEL, MY LITTLE PONY PRINCESS CELESTIA and TRANSFORMERS Masterpiece Bluestreak, among others at the Comic Convention in San Diego from Thursday, July 9 through Sunday, July 12*. Select first-look items will become available in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide later this year.

Fans unable to journey to San Diego will also have the opportunity to purchase all of the same products online atToysrus.com/ComicConvention beginning on Thursday, July 9. All merchandise is available while supplies last, so fans are encouraged to visit Entertainment Earth at booth #2343 or Toysrus.com/ComicConvention early to make purchases.

The following Toys“R”Us exclusives will be available at the Comic Convention and online at Toysrus.com/ComicConvention beginning Thursday, July 9:

BATMAN Classic TV Series Batgirl from Mattel®
Brave and beautiful in 6-inch scale, and rendered in actress Yvonne Craig’s likeness, this classic TV series Batgirl features dynamic, iconic colors, a two-sided soft goods cape and 16 points of articulation for ultimate playtime action and posing. Collectors can display her on the included base and choose between one of two retro cityscape backdrops. Available only at the Comic Convention and online at Toysrus.com/ComicConvention.

BATMAN vs Harley Quinn from Schleich®
With this two-pack, supervillain Harley Quinn leads her own battle against the formidable and legendary BATMAN. Complete with her signature black and red harlequin costume, this figure’s false smile hides a sneaky criminal, so BATMAN will need all of his high-flying skills to fight her. Available only at the Comic Convention and online at Toysrus.com/ComicConvention.

G.I. JOE DESERT DUEL from Hasbro®
It’s a fast-firing, high-rolling G.I. JOE-Cobra battle with this DESERT DUEL pack. Complete with a Cobra Basilisk tank and an Elite Horseman figure to drive it, fans can load missiles in the elevating, rotating launcher, making the set’s Cobra Air Trooper figure a rolling nightmare for the G.I. JOE commandos. But with the included Philip “Chuckles” Provost figure, kids and collectors can fold out the camouflage canopy on the F.O.E. Striker 4-wheeler and take aim at enemies with the poseable cannon. And, if the pack’s Night Fox figure has to pursue enemies on foot, the cannon comes off the vehicle.Available only at the Comic Convention and online at Toysrus.com/ComicConvention.

Mortal Kombat X Glow-in-the Dark Raiden from Mezco Toyz
As befits Raiden, the Elder God of Thunder, this 6-inch scale figure features 23 points of articulation, many with ball joints, allowing collectors to recreate all the moves and poses that have made Raiden part of Mortal Kombat gaming legend. Raiden comes complete in a displayable collector-friendly blister card, as well as with alternate lightning hands and a lightening ball. To ensure a game-accurate likeness, each figure is sculpted using the digital files from the game developers themselves. Available only at the Comic Convention and online at Toysrus.com/ComicConvention.

Fans can join in on Ponymania with PINKIE PIE’S sister, MAUD ROCK PIE. This detailed and beautiful pony comes complete with an outfit featuring all kinds of flowers, perfect for kids and collectors looking to have the best MY LITTLE PONY adventures. This item will become available at Toys“R”Us stores later this year.

Fun is on its way with this storybook pony pal who loves adventure. This DARING DO DAZZLE figure is an intrepid pony and she’ll bring the magic of friendship to all fans’ MY LITTLE PONY playtime. She’s got the outfit and hat for fun on safari, and fashionistas can style her hair with the included comb so she never looks less than fabulous. This item will become available at Toys“R”Us stores later this year.

PRINCESS CELESTIA is a kindhearted pony who spreads friendship wherever she goes. This talking figure’s incredible wings light up and move, and she wears the crown of a true princess. Fans can experience their own PRINCESS CELESTIA pony adventure for $20. This item will become available at Toys“R”Us stores later this year.

Star Wars The Black Series Jabba’s Rancor Pit from Hasbro®
Star Wars
fans can re-create one of the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars Saga with this set from The Black Series. Jabba’s Rancor Pit includes highly articulated 3.75-inch figures, all of which are featured in the epic Return of the Jedi scene where Jabba the Hut throws a Gamorrean Guard and Luke Skywalker into the Rancor Pit, while Princess Leia looks on in horror. This item will become available at Toys“R”Us stores later this year.

TRANSFORMERS Masterpiece Bluestreak from Hasbro®
What’s the most unstoppable thing on the battlefield? The mouth of Bluestreak. He never stops talking and he’s not a fan of silence. He likes the Decepticons even less. If words were fireblasts, Bluestreak would have wiped out the Decepticons long ago. This highly detailed figure easily converts from robot mode to sports car mode for added play, and comes with a blaster that jumps out whenever he sets his sights on Decepticons. This item will become available at Toys“R”Us stores later this year.

POWER RANGERS Limited Black Edition Legacy Megazord from Bandai
After 20 years of POWER RANGERS action and excitement, fans can return to the beginning with this original MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Megazord. This limited edition Legacy Megazord with premium diecast parts will be available to conventioneers and online shoppers in black and gold. This item will become available at Toys“R”Us stores later this year.

To download high-res images of Toys“R”Us Convention Exclusives, as well as “Collector Vector” signage, please click here.

*All Toys“R”Us Comic Convention exclusive items are limited editions and will be available on a first-come, first served basis, while supplies last; No rain checks.

About Toys“R”Us, Inc.

Titan Comics Doctor Who SDCC exclusives

Titan Comics have revealed their exclusive range for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. A story exclusive to SDCC will feature the Doctor and Clara at the convention, while the tenth, eleventh and twelfth Doctor’s will feature on an exclusive triptych cover.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor SDCC Exclusive

When the Twelfth Doctor and Clara turn up at San Diego Comic Con, a quick selfie outside the TARDIS reveals an alien threat among the con-goers and cosplayers! The green-skinned Lady of Neverness can only be viewed through mirrors, photos and quantum snapshots, and has turned up in the background of photos all over the convention! But if enough people view her at the same time, she’ll gain the power to breach into our dimension… to feed on the life-force of the whole planet! Can the Doctor and Clara defeat her and save the day?

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor SDCC Exclusive (Cover A) (Credit: Titan Comics) Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor SDCC Exclusive (Cover A) (Credit: Titan Comics)

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #14 with SDCC Exclusive Cover

Just one issue away from this year’s season finale, and things have never looked more dangerous for the Doctor and Gabby! Separated by an ancient force from the centre of the galaxy, the Doctor takes a cosmic trip into the history of the universe, while Gabby must negotiate with an unearthly intelligence for the sake of the planet! How much has she learned from her brief travels with the Doctor… and will it be enough to save her?!

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor #14 with SDCC Exclusive Cover

Part 1 of the 2-part Season Finale!

Series co-writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams team up for an unmissable mini-epic, as a year’s worth of stories come to a head!

– Can the Doctor save his new friends from their time-twisting fates?
– Will Alice find peace – or be marooned far from Earth?!
– Will ARC finally discover the truth about itself – or be reduced to atoms?!
– Will Jones fulfill his cosmic rock god destiny – or die among the stars?!
– And who will be left to join the Doctor as we head into Year Two?!

Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor #11 with SDCC Exclusive Cover

Fresh from their adventures in Las Vegas, the Doctor and Clara are eager for a change of scenery, but their next destination aboard the TARDIS will prove a SHOCKING change of pace!

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #14 (SDCC Exclusive Cover) (Credit: Titan Comics)Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor #11 (SDCC Exclusive Cover) (Credit: Titan Comics)Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor #14 (SDCC Exclusive Cover) (Credit: Titan Comics)

Titan will also have exclusive merchandise available from the Titan booth #5537.

Doctor Who Titans: 3″ Tenth Doctor Fez

From the 50th Anniversary Special ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ comes the Tenth Doctor, played by the returning David Tennant, wearing the Eleventh Doctor’s trademark Fez!

Doctor Who Titans: 4.5″ Tenth Doctor

This 4.5″ Titan figure features the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant, all dressed up in his tuxedo!​

Doctor Who Titans: 3" Tenth Doctor Fez (Credit: Titan Comics) Doctor Who Titans: 4.5" Tenth Doctor (Credit: Titan Comics)