Stephen Amell Talks Casey Jones And The Flash / Arrow Spinoff

Though a lot of folks were focused on Wondercon this weekend, there was also the Fan Expo in Vancouver going on and one of the guests was Arrow’s Stephen Amell. The actor was of course asked about his being cast as Casey Jones for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 to which he said “I’m just glad I get to play a vigilante on the big screen.” This could easily be taken as a jab at Warner Bros for not including the established characters from the Arrowverse into their cinematic universe.

He was also asked about the spinoff team-up series which he said that there is a character that started off on Arrow but isn’t one of the main characters… and that character will hover between the three shows. (Possibly Ray Palmer?) He said to expect more inter-connectivity this year and he expects he will appear on the new series at some point.

The full video of the panel is below.

Arrow returns to the CW on April 15th.

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