Stephen Amell To Raffle Arrow Statue For Charity

Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow, uses his celebrity to help different charities. He puts a lot of time and effort into it and tries to push his friends into helping as well. Yesterday he took to Facebook to post a new video announcing a raffle for a signed Arrow statue.

Facebook. We’re going to help a family. Big time. Prayers for Warrior Princess Kiara was brought to my attention through my best buddy Drew’s sister Sarrah. Kiara has been battling brain cancer since early November and her family has made tremendous sacrifices to ensure she has had the best care. We’re going to run a raffle (details in the video) where the winner gets an Arrow statue that isn’t even available to the public yet. $5 gets you a ticket. 2 for $10 and so on… Just mention my name in the comments. Raffle will run until this Wednesday evening, when we’re back with all new episodes.…/blessings-for-kiara-the-w…/259916 — lets take care of a family, Facebook. Lets allow them to focus on what’s important. xo

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