Leonard Nimoy Has Passed Away At The Age Of 83

NimoyIconic actor Leonard Nimoy has passed away at the age of 83. The cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Nimoy was take to the hospital a few days back when he complained of chest pains. His wife Susan Bay Nimoy confirmed the passing.

Nimoy is most widely known for his portrayal of Mr. Spock on the television and movie series Star Trek. He was also an accomplished writer, photographer and director having helmed two of the more successful Trek Films: The Search For Spock and The Voyage Home. Nimoy also narrated a series during the 70’s called In Search Of… that looked into unexplained events, paranormal phenomena and urban legends long before anyone else.

His most recent work was as a recurring character on the series Fringe and doing a voice over as Spock on the Big Bang Theory as well as appearing as Spock in the two more recent Star Trek films playing off new Kirk Chris Pine and new Spock Zachary Quinto.

He is survived by his wife; two children from his first marriage, son Adam, a helmer, and daughter Julie; a stepson; and several grandchildren.

[Source: Variety]

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