What if Batman had Autism


Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) can safely be considered one of the ultimate crimefighters of comic book history. Unlike Superman, The Hulk, and Flash Gordon, and others, he does not possess any superpowers. He relies only on brute strength and technology to fight villains and he gets the job done. But what if Batman had Autism? What could we assume we’d see from him then?

  1. Difficulty maintaining relationships with others. Bruce Wayne/Batman would likely find it difficult to establish and keep friendships. He would lack the enthusiasm in seeking out others to share enjoyment in his experiences. His eye contact would either be too intense or completely lacking. Batman would lurk in the wings of his mansion alone most nights, only socializing in forced situations.
  2. Communication problems. His conversations would center around only his topics of interest and others might lose interest quickly. His answers to the questions of others would remain short and clipped, leaving little room for response. Batman’s conversations would leave others in the dark.
  3. Restricted Activities or Interests. Does Batman have an unusual interest in anything? He might find himself so obsessed with bats that he studies them obsessively and even dresses up like them. Bat signals, a Bat mobile, and anything bat related might become special objects to him that he finds himself drawn to. These interests would prevent him from connecting with others who may not have the same interests as him.
  4. Need for Routine. Batman would find himself needing to continue the same routine day after day. Go to board meetings during the day, crime fighting at night. If that routine gets disrupted in any way, Batman feels very uncomfortable and may have difficulty coping, leading to outbursts. Batman needs this routine like the city needs peace.

Could Batman fight crime and lead his life still with Autism? I might argue that the Batman we see already exhibits many of the characteristics of Autism. Take a look at that list again. Does having autism mean that a person cannot do great things? I don’t think so. Just look at…

Na na na na. Na na na na. BATMAN! He could totally do it.

I mean, he could get on that Batman costume of his, go out on the streets, kick some you-know-what, and have close friendships with the people he’s comfortable with. That’s just what Batman does!

Do you know any other AUsome superheroes that you’d like to see analyzed?

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