What to do at a convention



I’ll start with the most basic of necessities, comics. Usually you will find these in grouping of sellers, buyers and insurers (yes you can insure your comics). You want comics, there are tons of them, boxes upon boxes. Some are relatively inexpensive while some are graded, protected and cost a pretty penny.
Cosplay? You mean my dressing up as “The Flash” and running on treadmills at the gym is called something? Comic conventions are full of cosplayers and if you enjoy people watching, or pictures then they make great subjects. Furthermore, cosplay is a really great way to meet some interesting people. Seriously, the next con, ask someone who their character is and why they chose it.
There isn’t such thing as not enough toys at a Comic Convention. If you have the cash, try to pick up a few “exclusives” as they generally double, triple and sometimes quadruple in price the moment they sell out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kicked myself in the butt knowing I could have bought an exclusive toy for 20 dollars only to find it for 80 bucks at the next convention. Aside from exclusives there are tons of custom toys, vinyls, new stuff and some vintage stuff too

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