Zachary Levi visits New Orleans for Anthony Bourdain’s ‘The Getaway’ What did he miss?

Zachary Levi, center, played the title character in ‘Chuck,’ an NBC action-comedy. The actor visited New Orleans for ‘The Getaway,’ a travel show on the Esquire Network. (Photo by Chris Haston/NBC)

Zachary Levi donned a hipster hat for the New Orleans segment of “The Getaway,” the Esquire Network travel show produced by Anthony Bourdain. The show promises a lot with its online pitch: “Anyone can be a tourist, but to experience a city like a local takes a great guide … ‘The Getaway’ explores the world’s most amazing cities, guided by a revolving cast of travel-loving celebs.”

So where did the producers send Levi, who once starred as the title character in “Chuck,” the now-departed action-comedy spy show from NBC? The clips aren’t especially venturesome, featuring stops at Preservation Hall, Central Grocery, Cafe du Monde and other destinations within stumbling distance of Bourbon Street.

The show can be seen locally on the Dish Network and DIRECTV. Here’s a link to the Esquire Network “channel finder.”

For a preview, see the clips embedded below. When you’re done, give Bourdain and his production team some fresh ideas for the next visit. The comment stream is a perfect place to share your tips with them, with your New Orleans pals, and with visitors to the city.


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