Yvonne Does the Media Rounds in Australia

It seems to me that Yvonne is in Australia for a visit and some media rounds…oddly to promote 24LAD. I say oddly, just because this is also the 7th anniversary of Chuck Vs. The Intersect. I don’t know if she talked about any of that in her 2 radio interviews and her ProjectTV interview, but it would be interesting if she hadn’t.

In any case, it seems that she revealed that she is, once again, single….perhaps even happy about it !! This picture shows she is still as radiant as ever.


However….someone please buy that girl a cheeseburger !! She always was tall and lithe, but this new “diet” she’s on…she’s disappearing. Remember…the camera adds 10 pounds !!

Zachary Levi To Produce & Potentially Star In NBC Musical Comedy Produced By Eva Longoria

 Chuck star Zachary Levi is eyeing a return to NBC as the star of a new series project he is executive producing with Eva Longoria. The half-hour single-camera comedy, Tuned, would showcase Levi’s musical skills, which he displayed in his voice work as the male lead in Disney’s Tangled. (Watch the video for the movie’s Oscar-nominated tune, “I See The Light,” featuring Levi and Mandy Moore.)

Written by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont (Made Of Honor), Tuned is described as a musical half-hour about an ambitious New Yorker — a role intended for Levi — whose life is upended by sudden musical hallucinations. While these vivid hallucinations threaten to completely derail his enviable life, he’ll eventually realize that they might lead him on a more fulfilling journey. Tuned, which I hear NBC bought pre-emptively, hails from Longoria’s UnbeliEVAble Entertainment and Universal TV, where the company is under a first-look deal. Kaplan, Elfont, Levi and UnbeliEVAble’s Longoria and Ben Spector executive produce.

Germany: FOX to broadcast German dub of Series 8 in November

FOX Deutschland has announced today on Facebook that they are going to broadcast Series 8 dubbed into German from November 15th. They will show two episodes every Saturday at 7.15 pm.

Here is the full statement by FOX:

Liebe DOCTOR WHO-Fans, es gibt Neuigkeiten! Ab dem 15. November zeigen wir euch die deutsche Fassung der 8. Staffel immer samstags ab 19.15 Uhr in Doppelfolgen!

Alle Sendetermine in der Übersicht:

  • Ab 15. November: TV-Premiere der deutschen Fassung immer samstags in Doppelfolgen ab 19.15 Uhr
  • Zurzeit: Samstags, 21.00 Uhr, englische Fassung parallel zur Weltpremiere
  • Zurzeit: Samstags, 20.10 Uhr, englische Fassung der Vorwoche mit deutschen Untertiteln
Dear DOCTOR WHO-fans, we have news! We will present to you the german version of Series 8 on 15th November, always two episodes Saturdays at 7.15 pm!

All broadcasting dates:

  • 15th November: TV premiere of two episodes of the german version every Saturday at 7.15pm
  • Currently: Sataurdays, 9 pm, english version in simulcast to the world premiere
  • Currently: Saturdays, 8.10 pm, english version with german subtitles of last week’s episode

As previously reported FOX was forced to change their plans at the last minute, transmitting Deep Breath and every episode since in english instead of german, after BBC Worldwide failed to deliver the material needed for the dub in time. BBC Worldwide issued an apology but were unable to state when they were willing to deliver the material needed.