No Doctor Who Panel At Comic Con This Year

Instead of stopping off at Comic Con, the Doctor Who team are going to give all of their summer marketing efforts to a “world tour” the BBC are planning in August.

Thanks to Nerdist for bumming us out with this official statement:

Doctor Who’s cast and creators will not be in attendance at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014. They are currently in production until August on the upcoming season – 12 all new back-to-back episodes. Given the unprecedented success of the global event around the 50th Anniversary, BBC AMERICA and BBC Worldwide will launch the first-ever Doctor Who world tour in August to celebrate the new chapter of the series starring Peter Capaldi.

The Doctor Who panel is where Rich and I saw each other during Comic Con. Now we’ll have to find another excuse.

It’s interesting that BBC Worldwide are making so much effort with Doctor Who live events. I guess the 50th Con in London last year was enough of a money spinner that they want to stay in the game.

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