The First Wave Of Funko Exclusives Are Here!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Funko has started releasing details about their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives! Every Monday and Wednesday until SDCC will bring a new announcement, plus giveaways! Be sure to read the website to see how to enter!

If you have a ghost problem, yo they’ll solve it! OK, Sorry. I’ll never do that again. Here are the first wave of exclusives!

Dr. Peter Venkman got SLIMED by Metallic Slimer!

It looks like the crew got in Stay Puft's way!

Speaking of Stay Puft... this one GLOWS IN THE DARK!

How about a GLOW IN THE DARK SLIMER?! His ectoplasmic ooze is looking a little crazy...

Take flight with the Black and White Rocketeer! The Rocketeer comes equipped with a removable helmet and jetpack for his adventures in flight!


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