San Diego Comic-Con Parking Via Ace On Sale May 20th

According to the Ace Parking CIO, parking for San Diego Comic-Con will go on sale May 20th at 9AM. As of right now that’s all we know but expect more information soon including locations and pricing.

If you’re someone who plans on driving into the city for the Con, I highly recommend getting your parking passes in advance. It’s a very simple process and one less thing to worry about when you arrive in San Diego. I’ve done it in the past and it worked out great. In fact, I skipped buying a pass for one day and had a hell of a time finding parking. If you’re looking for more information on parking during SDCC, check out this post by SDCC Unofficial Blog.

Keep in mind that this year, Ace will be using a different system as well to sell the passes. Hopefully this means less snags!

Will you be purchasing parking? Have you done so in the past? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE 4/30:

Ace has released locations and pricing for parking, along with a FAQ page! I know one thing I see people talking about on a lot of the forums is overnight parking. There will be none of that going on according to Ace:

Q: Can cars be parked overnight? Or just during the hours of the event?
A: Overnight parking is not permitted. The lots close at midnight and reopen at 6am. They close so they can be prepared for the next day. Most lots are pre-sold to full capacity each day, so any cars on the lot after 2am, will be towed at the owners expense.

As far as prices, here you go!


To get all the details, be sure to visit the Ace parking FAQ page!

Zachary Levi Plays Games on ‘Hollywood Game Night’

Zachary Levi joins a host of other celebrities in tonight’s episode of Hollywood Game Night on NBC.

Hollywood Game Night - Season 2Hosted by Jane Lynch, Hollywood Game Nighttakes two “ordinary” people and puts them on two teams of celebrities to play games and compete for the chance to win up to $25,000. Zac will compete along with Wayne Brady, Rachael Ray, Lauren Cohan, Jamie Pressly, and Tara Lipinski. I’ve watched a couple episodes of this show recently, and it really is a hoot.

Here’s a clip from a game where they have to name car brands that start with certain letters. Guess who’s the first person to miss…

Hollywood Game Night airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

In a world where compromises have to be made, and trust is a commodity most people can’t afford, where does a person who has high morals and a belief in the goodness of people belong? Can a person change with the passage of time, or should they adapt and conform to what society wants them to be?

These are two of the main questions that surround CA: TWS. Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) finds himself still struggling to fit into a world so many decades ahead of him. While it seems he is fitting in better than we saw in the Avengers, it is still a struggle for him. He repeatedly speaks of struggling to compromise, and feeling that he has choices and decisions taken from him, because of his unwillingness to compromise. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) makes it clear that very few people can be trusted in the world with any whole information, and that Steve needs to accept this, or decide that SHIELD, and the life he currently leads, is not the one he needs.

It is a crossroads that Steve is faced with, one that he has to face down repeatedly through the movie. On one path, is Natasha Romanova/Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson); an agent who has readily accepted the blood on her hands, and the secrets she has had to keep. On the other? Is a new character, Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie). Like Steve, he lost his best best friend in a war, and instead of continuing to fight, he decided to opt out, afterwards. That that sort of compromise that has to be made, wasn’t worth the effort. When the chips are down, though, Sam proves a true friend and comes to Steve’s aid, repeatedly. As a new character introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was memorable and fun. Definitely full hero within his own right, and well played by Sam Wilson, Falcon gave a solid grounding to the film, and never felt as his presence was unnecessary.

The villains of this story turn out to be Hydra, the same organization that Steve faced down in the last film. They are a greater threat than when last seen, and have definitely found ways to infiltrate to the heart of SHIELD, and all that Steve holds dear At their disposal is the titular Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). More machine than man, a brainwashed, soulless killing creature, he has ties to Steve that help solidify the idea that the past will never stay dead. This was where my only complaint about the movie truly lies. While the movie is called The Winter Soldier, there is a decided lack of him within the movie. We see him moving around, large fight scenes, but there is only one singular character scene with him–where we see him questioning his mission, himself. While the movie leaves the door open to more work towards resolution with this storyline, I would have liked to see more scenes where he was the focus, instead of him as the foil to Steve–the dark to his light.

This movie contains grand set pieces, and multiple large sprawling fights within Washington DC. Despite Steve’s super-human abilities, we never feel that the fights are completely easy for him. There is a kenetic force within each, propelling the movie (and us) forward. The fights between Steve and the Winter Soldier are probably the best, pitting two equally matched men against one another. Without giving anything away, their final fight is one of the more emotional fights I have seen. The movie also has a solid heart, and is not afraid to have the characters talk about their lives, giving them time to breathe and learn about one another, in ways we did not get to during The Avengers.

While we see no other Avengers within this film, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) does make an appearance halfway through the film, and while does not do a great deal, definitely is a nice addition. Robert Redford also has a great showing as Alexander Pierce, exuding charm and a cool confidence, an excellent foil to the more gruff Nick Fury.

While not a perfect film, I truly can’t recommend this movie enough. I felt it was, as a whole, much more enjoyable than the first Captain America film, and definitely worth the full price of admission. It is a fitting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and makes me excited for Avengers 2.

Peaches Geldof: Writer and TV presenter dies aged 25

Peaches Geldof
Image captionPeaches Geldof, pictured in 2012

Peaches Geldof, second daughter of musician Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates, has died aged 25, leaving a husband and two sons.

“We are beyond pain,” said her father, confirming her death. “She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us.”

Police, who were called to an address in Kent around lunchtime on Monday, say the death is currently being treated as “unexplained and sudden”.

Geldof was 11 when her own mother died.

TV presenter Yates died of a drug overdose in September 2000. In September 2012 Geldof said she had not been able to come to terms with her mother’s death for several years.

Her final tweet, posted on Sunday, linked to an Instagram picture of her, as a baby, in her mother’s arms. The caption simply read: “Me and my mum.”

Peaches Geldof's final tweet
Image captionPeaches Geldof’s final tweet was a picture of herself as a young child, held by her mother

Her father Bob Geldof said in a statement: “How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable?

“We loved her and will cherish her forever. How sad that sentence is.”

In a statement, Kent Police said: “Police were called at 13:35 BST on 7 April, 2014 to an address near Wrotham following a report of concern for the welfare of a woman.

“A woman aged 25 was pronounced dead by South East Coast Ambulance Service.

“Officers are working to establish the circumstances around the death.”

A police officer and forensic officer outside a house
Image captionPolice are treating the death as “unexplained and sudden”
Peaches Geldof
Image captionGeldof attended a fashion show in London last week

The writer and TV presenter was married to musician Thomas Cohen, with whom she had two sons, Astala, one, and Phaedra, who will turn one on 24 April.

“My beloved wife Peaches was adored by myself and her two sons,” said Cohen in a statement.

“I shall bring them up with their mother in their hearts everyday. We shall love her forever.”

‘Numb’ about mother

Born in 1989, Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof embarked on a media career at the age of 15, when she began writing a column for Elle magazine.

She left home at 16 and went on to contribute to the Telegraph and the Guardian, as well as TV shows including ITV2’s OMG! with Peaches Geldof.

She also worked as a model and, just last week, attended a launch for Tesco’s F&F clothing range in London.

Peaches Geldof and Thomas Cohen
Image captionGeldof married Thomas Cohen, lead singer of the band SCUM, in 2012

Yates’s death came after she split with Bob Geldof and formed a relationship with INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, who then died in 1997.

Bob Geldof and Paula Yates with children Fifi Trixiebelle, five, and new baby Peaches
Image captionPeaches Geldof as a baby with parents Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, and sister Fifi Trixibelle

“I remember the day my mother died, and it’s still hard to talk about it,” Peaches told Elle in 2012.

“I just blocked it out. I went to school the next day because my father’s mentality was ‘keep calm and carry on’,” she said.

“So we all went to school and tried to act as if nothing had happened. But it had happened. I didn’t grieve. I didn’t cry at her funeral. I couldn’t express anything because I was just numb to it all. I didn’t start grieving for my mother properly until I was maybe 16.”

Geldof said she had experimented with drugs as a teenager, but was “never that wild”.

She was previously married to rock musician Max Drummey but the pair separated in 2009 after a six-month marriage.

She leaves her husband and sons; father Bob Geldof; sisters Fifi Trixibelle and Pixie; and younger half-sister, Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof.

Among friends and contemporaries paying tribute to Geldof online was BBC Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton, who tweeted: “I’m beyond shocked and saddened to hear about Peaches. Can’t quite digest it. Thoughts and so much love to the family.”

TV personality Kelly Osborne tweeted that “words seem inadequate 2 express the sadness I feel about @peaches_g death”.

w00tstock 6.0 Tickets On Sale Friday

If you plan on attending w00tstock this year during San Diego Comic-Con, get those credit cards ready. Tickets go on sale this Friday (the 4th) at 10am. Here’s some more information:

Geek Vaudeville. Nerd Church.
The Variety Show for the Internet Set.

For decades, geeks were ostracized, picked on, laughed at and punished by the sun’s harmful UV rays. But there is only so long that a people can be kept down before they rise up against their oppressors; and, indeed, the dawn of the 21st century has seen the ascendancy of geeks and geek culture.

We now celebrate that rise to power–and let’s face it, nerds pretty much run everything now–with w00tstock, a special event for geeks of every stripe. Television host/special-effects artist Adam Savage (“MythBusters”), actor/author/blogger Wil Wheaton (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Stand By Me”) and music-comedy duo Paul and Storm (The Internet, Da Vinci’s Notebook) present a high-energy night of music acts, readings, comedy, demonstrations, short films, special guests, and other clever widgets born from and dedicated to the enthusiasms, obsessions, trials and joys of geek pride.

This is the dawning of the Age of Geekdom–and its voices will ring true at w00tstock.

Personal Cameras Permitted – Please NO tripods or professional equipment.

Ticket Limit: 12 per patron / household (see below)

If you plan on attending, good luck!