Early Bird Hotel Information Is Here And Open!

CCI has released information about the Early Bird Hotel options!

If you know you will be attending Comic-Con, and you want to save money AND get your room in advance of everyone else, here’s your chance. Please read all the information on this page before clicking the link at the bottom to reserve a room.

A limited number of Mission Valley and Airport area hotel rooms will be made available for this special Early Bird Sale. You must pay for the room in advance and there are no refunds or exchanges. Please note: No downtown hotels will be available in this sale.

This special Early Bird Hotel Sale is only available BEFORE general housing opens. All rooms must be paid for in advance and are non-transferable. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

Everyone got that? There are NO refunds. None. Nada. Zilch. Since there are a number of hotels and some extra information attached to them, here’s a screenshot of what’s available:


Please be aware that some of these hotels require a 4 day stay. As always, be sure to read everything before booking. Here’s what they have to say about the Booking Policy:

  • Each room reservation requires full prepayment at the time of booking.
  • The full prepayment is NON–REFUNDABLE, regardless of circumstance.
  • You must be over 18 years of age to book a reservation.
  • The “Comic-Con Early Bird” rates expire on April 8, 2014, or when all available rooms are sold.
  • Reduction in room nights will not be eligible for refunds.
  • If you do not check in on your scheduled arrival date, the hotel will consider your reservation a “No Show” and your entire reservation will be forfeited, along with your entire prepayment.
  • Within 2 weeks of your arrival date, please contact the hotel directly for any date changes.

I, Frankenstein Review

 I will be the first to admit that from the moment I saw a trailer for this movie, when I went and saw Carrie, I knew it was going to be horrible. A January movie (a month notorious for bad films), with cheesy one liners thrown in everywhere, and a plot that looked incomprehensible, how could it not be bad?

Well I saw it, readers. It was everything I thought it would be–the plot was strange, character motivations bouncing all over the place, and dialogue occasionally cringe worthy.

Was it horrible, though?

The plot revolves around the titular Frankenstein’s monster, dubbed ‘Adam’ (played by Aaron Eckhart), and his soul-less self being dragged into the demon vs angel war. As…happens with most supernatural creatures, of course. And like most supernatural-creatures in movies such as this (think Constantine), Adam want’s nothing to do with this. He doesn’t like humans, he doesn’t like demons, and he doesn’t like the Gargoyles. Yes, you read that right, the Gargoyles on the Notre Dame are actually the protectors of humans, heavenly emissaries put into duty by the Archangel Michael himself. Their Queen (Miranda Otto) has some of the most inconsistent characterization, changing her reasoning/decisions regarding Adam more than once, without really explaining the situation.

Bill Nighy, confirming once again that he no longer plays anything but scene-chewing villains, plays the head of the demons, Prince Naberius. He’s wonderful to watch in this, as always, though I would have liked to see a bit more of him. His plot, and the reason that Adam is brought into this entire foray, is that people brought back from the dead do not have souls. And these demons can only possess soulless creatures. So hey! Finding out how to reanimate corpses, like Adam is, would make for an awesome, unstoppable army!

And so the main conflict goes. There is also some plot/love interest/romance dealing with a scientist in Naberius’ employ, but her character is not well defined, and doesn’t really ‘do’ much but show Adam that humans aren’t all horrible people.

The fight scenes were quite fell choreographed, with little reliance on slow motion, which was greatly appreciated. I also thought the graphic/sfx work was nice, as well.

As a whole, the movie will never be remembered as anything very remarkable. But if you’re looking to turn your brain off and just enjoy some dumb slock for a couple hours in an afternoon, I say it’s worth it.

Zachary Levi Talks About #IWantMyNerdHQ, ‘Surreal’ Moments and 2014 Plans

What happened Tuesday afternoon to Zachary Levi was a moment to remember.

Levi, best known to audiences from Chuck andThor: The Dark World, but better known to the Comic-Con crowd as the brainchild behind Nerd HQ, asked his friends and fans to help him out witha simple plea: to tell the world #IWantMyNerdHQ

Nerd HQ, the fan-favorite event held in the Gaslamp District across the street from San Diego Comic-Con, just held their third event last July. Interest in the event has grown steadily every year, with its intimate celebrity-studded panels, large donations to the charity Operation Smile — last year’s event raised more than $215,000 — and ultra-cool hangout reputation. It’s the hottest ticket at Comic-Con outside of an actual SDCC badge.

But within just a few hours of asking for help, #IWantMyNerdHQ was trending globally. Levi spoke with The San Diego Comic-Con Blog about the experience.

“The power that the fans have and the power that they’ve imbued into myself, and Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day. It’s just, it’s incredible how powerful it is,” Levi said. “How much you can move mountains. Or, in this case, you can trend worldwide for a few hours. I’ve been so touched by Nerd HQ and what we’ve been able to accomplish with it, and how many people come to me and tell me how much they appreciate it.”

The Nerd Army, the nickname for fans of Levi’s Nerd Machine geek-lifestyle clothing line, rose to the occasion. Fans shared memories of the annual dance party, of their favorite panel moments like last year’s Tom Hiddleston’s Velociraptor impersonation, and more. Many celebrities also joined in on the action after receiving texts from Levi asking for their help, stars like Adam Levine, Rob Krazinsky, Seth Green, and Fillion — who “all day just keep retweeting and kept going and kept fighting” to draw attention to the hashtag and cause.

nerd hq zachary levi richard madden matt smith jenna coleman

Zachary Levi with panelist Richard Madden and surprise guests Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman in 2013.

But the hashtag wasn’t simply a way for Levi to remind his fans that we’re only a few months out from the fourth annual Nerd HQ — but also to help ensure this year’s event is even better. By showing how strong the fanbase of Nerd HQ is, Levi is hoping to attract bigger names, and more money to make the event even more awesome.

“I just felt like it would be a fun way to start the journey this year, to tell sponsors and studios and networks and celebrities and fans alike, that either have or have not experienced what Nerd HQ is, and say hey — this is what it is. These are just little snippets. These are just snapshots from various people about why they love Nerd HQ,” Levi said.

Levi is hoping that those snapshots are enticing to potential sponsors. Previous years’ sponsors have included Xbox, Intel, Asus, and VIZIO, among others — but as the revenue generated from ticket sales for Conversations for a Cause and other events at Nerd HQ (like Signings for Smiles or Smiles for Smiles) goes to charity, in order to continue growing, there’s always a need for new revenue from sponsors.

“I don’t ever really talk about this, but Nerd HQ is a massive undertaking and it costs a lot of money,” Levi said. “And I have had to invest a lot of my own into that, into that vision, because I believe in it. But I’ve always kind of felt like it was a little bit of a Field of Dreams thing — if you build it, they will come, and you just gotta believe in it.”

One of the major selling points for Nerd HQ has always been the panels, which seat somewhere between 250-300 fans, and is just a fraction of the audience that fills the massive 6,500-seat Hall H across the street at the San Diego Convention Center. According to Levi, that number is unlikely to go up much more, or you begin to “lose an intimacy”.

That intimacy is also one of the biggest draws for the celebrities who attend as well, as the smaller crowd offers them an experience with fans like they’ve never had before. Stars like Matt Smith, Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, and the casts of Psych and Robot Chicken, all have returned for panels for multiple years.

“We have never had anyone not return. And it means the world. Like, when Joss Whedon says, ‘Oh yeah, I had a great time last year, I’ll totally come back and do it’, to me that’s the hallmark that you’re doing something good,” Levi said.

2013 Nerd HQ - Zachary Levi, Robert Kazinsky, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk

Zachary Levi with Rob Kazinsky, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk.

The Nerd HQ team is always looking to expand that roster of celebrity guests. 2013 saw panels for Game of Thrones’Richard Madden, The Averngers’ Tom Hiddleston, Orphan Black, Hannibal, and a dozen new additions. Although Levi has celebrities he thinks it would be awesome to see attend — a Tom Hanks panel, anyone? — ultimately, he wants the guests that the fans want the most.

“I want to bring in people that fans are going to be excited about, and just over the moon about spending an hour with. Because that’s what it’s about. I don’t care if you’re a giant A-List celebrity or you’re on some super weird, obscure, web series, but if at least 250 people are going to go out of their minds about spending an hour asking you questions, then bring it,” Levi said.

San Diego Comic-Con is the perfect storm for attracting both fans and celebrities — it’s the largest pop culture gathering in North America, and SDCC draws some of the biggest names in the industry for the four-day event. Without it, Nerd HQ wouldn’t exist.

“My hats off to everyone at SDCC,” Levi said. “What they have to organize and accomplish every year is monstrous. It is so big. And we, as this kind of little agile, little ship, we don’t have to carry the burden that those guys do and we get to benefit a lot from the kind of environment that they provide.”

It’s also the reason that Nerd HQ hasn’t fully expanded into other cities or conventions, except for a scaled-down version at New York Comic-Con.

“As much as New York and other Comic-Cons definitely get some great talent, it’s just not quite as immense as what San Diego Comic-Con is,” Levi said. “So you can’t build quite the amount of panels, and that’s what a lot of sponsors are hoping for. They’re looking for celebrity talent and they want people to come. So, I can’t get the advertising, I can’t get the sponsorship dollars with not as many celebs, so I can’t put on the same type of event, at another convention.“

2012 Nerd HQ - Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi during the 2012 Nerd HQ panel for Chuck.

When those ingredients come together at SDCC every summer though, the experience can be “surreal”, which is exactly what Levi is hoping for.

“I like making it cool and fun and interactive and – this might sound weird but – likedreamy. And by that I mean, likesurreal. You know those moments that happen in your life where you’ll never forget them because it was so insane and it was so special? And you’re like, I don’t even know what to say, like I was there in the audience and there was only 250 of us and Tom Hiddleston was there,” Levi said. “And then he impersonated a Velociraptor. Like it’s mind-melting. It’s something that you would have dreamt, but you didn’t dream it, it really happened, and it happened right in front of you and you got to be a part of that experience. That is what I strive for.”

For someone obsessed with mind-blowing experiences, seeing his fans and fellow celebrities rise to his challenge on Twitter about spreading the word for Nerd HQ felt overwhelming. Levi just “really loves making people happy”, and seeing something that he created bringing so much joy to other people has been a thrill to watch.

The “plan”, according to Levi, is to bring Nerd HQ back to Petco Park for its fourth year this summer over all four days of Comic-Con — with more crowd-pleasing panels, fan dance parties, more Smiles for Smiles photo booths with more celebrity guests, and more Signings for Smiles autograph sessions. Levi even has loftier goals, like earning $240,000 for Operation Smile this year, which would generate enough revenue for 1,000 Operation Smile surgeries.

He’s also hoping for a potential increase in video game options in the lounge and maybe even some concerts. One thing we won’t be seeing at Nerd HQ this summer though? Kisses for Smiles, an auction for a kiss to the highest bidder, which Levi attempted one year.

“I had to retire [from Kisses for Smiles], because that was just going to get out of control,” Levi said. “But hey, one girl paid a grand for it. That was super awesome. And then of course Nathan bounced a grand off my chest and then smooched me, which was super weird. But hey, he’s got really supple lips. I’ll give you that.”


— From San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog


Netflix Nabs the Final Season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Fear not, Jedis! Star Wars will finally be tying up loose ends from their hit show The Clone Wars for fans before moving on to their next show, Rebels.

This is another feather in Netflix’s cap as it adds yet one more original series to its ever growing streaming roaster which also includes a new season of House of Cards debuting tomorrow as well as a whole slew of street level Marvel Comics series such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

The fan in me wonders what will come of the recently released Entire Series bluray boxset containing all of the Clone Wars seasons that aired so far. Will they release another box set titled “This is really the entire series now. We promise”?

Either way I’m sure fans will be happy to see the series get a proper send off in just a few short weeks!

Here is the official press release!

February 13, 2014

Exclusive Licensing Agreement with The Disney/ABC Television Group Brings Star Wars Content to Netflix Streaming Members for the First Time

The Galactic Republic, Disney/ABC Television Group, Lucasfilm, and Netflix Inc. today announced the highly anticipated debut of the sixth and final season of the Emmy(r) Award-winning series Star Wars: The Clone Wars exclusively to Netflix members in the US and Canada on Friday, March 7. Accompanying the 13-episode new season dubbed “The Lost Missions” will be the entire Star Wars: The Clone Wars saga, which includes several director’s cut episodes never seen on TV as well as the feature film. This multi-year agreement also makes Netflix the exclusive subscription service for the entire Star Wars: The Clone Wars series.

In these eagerly anticipated episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, some of the deepest mysteries of the conflict between the light and the dark sides of the Force are revealed. An intrepid clone trooper discovers a shocking secret, Anakin Skywalker’s closest relationship is tested to its limits, and what Master Yoda discovers while investigating the disappearance of a Jedi could forever change the balance of power in the galaxy. Fans will not only be able to watch the thrilling finale, they’ll be able to see more of Star Wars: The Clone Wars than ever before as Netflix will also stream the director’s cut of seasons one to five.

“Stars Wars is one of the most iconic franchises of all time and this series joins a long line of Disney content that Netflix members are and will continue to enjoy for years to come,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer. “The Clone Wars marks an important moment as Netflix welcomes more and more first-run content from The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the first time any Star Wars content has been available for Netflix streaming members. The deal follows a recent announcement from Netflix and The Walt Disney Company to bring multiple original series based on Marvel characters to the service in 2015. Netflix will be the exclusive US subscription television service for first-run, live-action, and animated movies from the Walt Disney Studios including titles from Disney, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Disneynature, and Lucasfilm beginning in 2016. Netflix members can currently enjoy a wide range of Disney, ABC Entertainment Group and Disney Channel films and TV shows across the 41 countries where Netflix operates.

The Walking Dead Minimates Shamble Back Into Toys R Us

They’re coming! The newest assortment of The Walking Dead Minimates, based on the hit comic book by Robert Kirkman, is almost here, and Toys R Us will have an exclusive assortment of the 2-inch mini-figures, featuring an array of all-new characters and zombies!


Four two-packs will be exclusively available at Toys “R” Us and on toysrus.com as part of Series 5, available this spring:
– Traveler Rick Grimes and Business Zombie
– Riot Gear Michonne and Hitchhiker Zombie
– Abraham Ford and Military Zombie
– Eugene Porter and Emaciated Zombie

Each Minimate stands 2 inches tall and features a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories, including weapons for all the human characters and decomposing parts for all the zombies!


And keep an eye out for the comic-shop-and-specialty-store exclusive assortment of Series 5:
– Maggie Greene and Riot Gear Glenn
– Tyreese and Prison Michonne
– Survivor Morgan and Geek Zombie
– Caesar Martinez and Geek Zombie (rare variant)

Look for both assortments this spring! Pre-order the specialty assortment at your nearest comic shop or favorite online retailer!

2014 San Diego Comic-Con’s Souvenir Book Is Looking For Submissions

r the folks over at CCI open up their souvenir book for art and essay submissions from fans. It is a cool little perk they open up to the public so you can really get a feel for what the average person has to show that you might not have seen otherwise.

When it is open to anybody I really mean anybody. They want to hear and show what the average fan has to say, or draw, paying tribute to that year’s chosen topics.

Not to toot my own horn but I actually had a (small) submission accepted a few years back and I immediately felt excited cracking that book open as I waited in the line-to-end-all-lines before getting into the convention hall and seeing my name in there. It the little things in life that really count and this is something I recommend everyone at least try once.

This year’s spotlights are big ones celebrating anniversaries for Batman, Marvel, Hellboy, Daredevil, and Usagi Yojimbo!

The deadline to submit your article or artwork is April 25th, and more information on how to submit can be foundhere.