Alex Lowery’s review of BBC ‘Autism: Challenging Behaviour’

Below is Alex Lowery’s review of the BBC documentary ‘Autism: Challenging Behaviour’

To see the original documentary, click on the link below

Alex’s Story

Alex was born in October of 1993 in the Countess of Chester Hospital. He had delayed language with severe behaviour problems from his earliest years. However, he suffered with severe eczema and asthma as a child and his problems were initially thought to be due to this. It was not until he was three years old that his parents began to have serious concerns.

Alex was given a verbal diagnosis of classic autism when he was four years of age and attended a special school for children with autism until he was seven. Following this, the local authority agreed to an intensive Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programme.

Alex when he was four

Alex when he was four

Alex has made a lot of progress and is now able to share his experiences of autism with others. He sees it as his life’s work to raise people’s understanding of autism.

He still struggles in many areas and yet is willing to work very hard to achieve his goals. He remembers a lot of his earlier experiences in pictures and has used his photography and PowerPoint to get his message across. Alex is also very interested in filmmaking and uses this media to make short films on different aspects of autism.

Alex is funny and engaging; but more than this, he has a gift for public speaking. He very much wants to help others.

Alex has finished writing a book about his life and hopes to publish it soon.

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