Thor: The Dark World Hot Toys Now Up For Order

Hot Toys saw fit to grace us with a pair of different Thor The Dark World Hot Toys Thor figures this morning. One of them is the super-limited Hot Toys Thor Light Asgardian Armor Version that’s going sleeveless, while the other figure is this standard MMS 224 Thor sixth scale figure (with sleeves!). In general I always end up wanting the hard-to-get exclusive Hot Toys figures, but in a weird twist of fate, for a change it’s the non-limited version of this Hot Toys figure that I prefer… and this Hot Toys Thor the Dark World 1/6 scale figure is now up for order!

Hot Toys 2014 Thor The Dark World Movie Masterpiece Series Figure MMS 224

Hot Toys previously announced that they had the license to make Thor: The Dark World Movie Masterpiece Series figures, so I’d been looking forward to seeing the new Loki and Thor figures for a while.

Well, we don’t get to see Loki yet (to the chagrin of millions of Tom Hiddleston fangirls worldwide), but we did get to see two versions of the Thor 2 Hot Toys Thor today! I’m not real excited about the limited Light Asgardian Armor Thor Hot Toys figure (as you may have heard), but the standard release of the Hot Toys Thor 2 figure has me psyched.

Hot Toys Thor The Dark World Chris Hemsworth Head SculptThis figure (and its limited counterpart) both feature what I consider to be easily Hot Toys’ best Chris Hemsworth Thor head sculpt ever. I know some people aren’t overly enamored with the open mouth on this figure, but I definitely think this is the most spot-on likeness of Chris Hemsworth I’ve ever seen seen released in toy form from Hot Toys (or any other company, for that matter).

Hot Toys Thor The Dark World Thor Sixth Scale Figure & AccessoriesThere are a few extra things that you get with this Hot Toys MMS 224 Thor 2 figure that you don’t get with the Light Asgardian Version (I mean, besides sleeves). One is a cardboard Asgardian emblem that you can use as a pseudo-base for the Thor sixth scale figure. We’ve seen this huge, alien emblem in trailers for Thor: The Dark World movie when Thor teleports to Earth, so it’s obviously of some significance (even though we don’t know yet know the exact nature of the Asgardian emblem). And moreoever, it just looks cool with Thor standing on the Asgardian emblem.

Thor The Dark World Hot Toys Figure Wearing Black PonchoIn addition, only this regular release of the Hot Toys Thor The Dark World Movie Masterpiece Series figure includes the slick black poncho accessory for Thor to wear. This is a very distinct and interesting look for Thor, and I’m grateful it can be recreated without having to buy another Thor Movie Masterpiece Series figure for $200+ just to get the poncho.

MMS 224 Hot Toys Thor 2 Movie Masterpiece Series FigureThe Hot Toys Thor: The Dark World Movie Masterpiece Series figure is now available for order through the Sideshow Collectibles website. Though I already have the Hot Toys Avengers Thor 1/6 figure, to me this is the definitive Hot Toys Thor sixth scale figure and was an instant purchase.

What about you, Marvel collectors? Will you be adding this Hot Toys Thor 2 to your collection, his sleeveless variant, or no new Thor at all?


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