Animator Dani Bowman

Like many other people with Autism, Dani Bowman doesn’t let it get in her way.  She has appeared at San Diego Comic Con many years in a row and this year is no exception.

It was inspiring to see Autistic Teen Animator Dani Bowman (18-yr-old) back at Comic-Con 2013 premiering her new short animated film, “Hannah Lost Her Smile.”premiering her new short animated film, “Hannah Lost Her Smile.” This film includes voiceover by Stella Ritter (the late John Ritter’s daughter), and Joey Travolta (“Beverly Hills Cop III”) played key roles in the production.



“Hannah Lost Her Smile” is an animated short about a little girl who woke up one morning and discovered that she lost her tooth. Hannah then goes on a journey to try to get her smile back. The story is filled with very relevant and relatable content that kids will adore. This heartwarming film will be shown at festivals, and all the latest news and trailer will be posted on the Hannah Lost Her Smile Facebook page.




Dani Bowman is an autistic girl who is a fan of Japanese culture, anime and manga style cartoons.Dani aspires to follow in the footsteps of other cartooning greats with her own animation company, Powerlight Studios. Powerlight Studios is developing an Autistic Artist’s Network to promote the works of other Autistic artists with the goal of helping them become self sufficient.



What is even more impressive is that Dani is autistic. Dani illustrates, writes and voice acts nine different cartoon series, each with about 30 unique characters. Her stories, and her own story, have captured the interest of several production companies with the goal of taking Powerlight Studios to network and cable TV.



Dani came up with the name of Powerlight Studios at age 11, and shortly there after created her first series, “Gemstar & Friends”, followed by “The Adventures of Captain Yuron”. Dani’s imaginative adventures are loved by kids and admired by adults for their magical simplicity and heart-warming story lines that capture the imagination. Many of Dani’s series started with a random scrap of paper found somewhere around the house.



“When I started my company at 14, I was introduced to Joey Travolta and I have been working with him on several projects ever since, including the Goliath Series of anti bullying books, Eeya’s Story, an award winning autism PSA, and his anti-bullying campaigns.” Bowman said.



This is the official trailer for the upcoming new animated short, “The Namazu”

Namazu Trailer:
Not only is Dani a superstar with animation, she is funny and very good with other autistic children. During our interview, she told me how much fun it was to get an autograph from Jason Ritter (“The East” and half-brother of Stella Ritter) at Comic-Con. She’s also determined to find jobs for those with autism, and has traveled all over the country to teach over 200 kids on the autism spectrum how to do animation.

Dani’s giving back has also been recognized on many levels. The Goody Awards (ok, that’s my company) was fortunate to present her with our top honor, a Golden Goody Award (aka Oscar for social good) last year (and Stella Ritter and Director Kevin Sean Michaels were there to support their friend and co-worker.) After that presentation, Dani won the Temple Grandin Award and a SparkAction Youth Award presented by Jon Bon Jovi at the White House Youth Summit in Washington DC.

As an autistic leader whose goal is to be the Temple Grandin of her generation, Dani Bowman has taught over 150+ autistic children animation. For this Rethinking Autism PSA, Dani worked closely via Skype with Justin Canha, autistic artist from NYC. Justin also stayed with Dani ‘s family in Los Angeles during Spring Break to finish the storyboards. The new Rethinking Autism PSA, Believe It: The Dani Bowman Story, includes a team of autistic contributors and leaders:

Dani Bowman: Animator, Post Production, Voiceover
Patrick Eidemiller: Producer, writer
Justin Canha: Storyboard Artist
Dana Commandatore: Writer, Producer
Michael Broderick: Producer
Vic Palumbo: Producer
Tammy Klein: Voiceover
“Adapted” written and performed by Talina
Produced by Moho Productions, Rox Productions
Published by Rox Productions

Big congratulations to Dani Bowman and her team for producing another powerful short at Comic-Con. The story behind “Hannah Lost Her Smile” is a true inspiration to the creative and autistic communities!


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