Harleypalooza 2013 During San Diego Comic-Con!

I came across this while lurking about Cosplay.com. If you plan on attending Comic-Con as Harley Quinn you might want to check this out. If you have questions please be sure to direct them to the people in charge of the event!

Harleypalooza is an annual tradition started by Elise Archer in which the many Harley Quinn cosplayers (as well as their Puddins, Reds, kitties and Batbrains) who attend SDCC gather together in a group for pictures, laughter and general fan geekiness! Last year we had a large photoshoot, the “running of the Harleys” and crashed the Batmobiles location for some fun. In previous years we have participated in protests and been graced with Paul Dini’s amazing presence!

Please, invite all Harleys, Jokers, Poison Ivys and any other Bats and Rogues you can think of who will be attending SDCC!

According to Facebook Event Page, the group has normally gathered on Saturday but they’re open to suggestions. I’m sure as it gets closer to the event they’ll have a better idea of the time and place. The photo is done outside the convention though that way even those without a badge can take part! Of course all versions of Harley are welcome. To learn more be sure to check out the Facebook page!


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