Stargate Convention – UK 4TH – 6TH APRIL 2014

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4TH – 6TH APRIL 2014

Guests Attending

Joe Flanigan

Flanigan had guest roles in numerous television series including Profiler, First Monday, and Sisters, until he got his breakthrough with his role on Stargate Atlantis as Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. He lived in Vancouver, Canada, where the series was filmed during the week, and flew to Los Angeles during the weekends where his wife and children resided. He additionally wrote for the series and created the stories for the Stargate Atlantis second season episode “Epiphany” and the fourth season episode “Outcast”.
Sheppard and Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) are the only characters to appear in every episode of the series.For more information on Joe Flanigan, click here to view his imdb profile.

Rachel Luttrell

Luttrell’s training in dance and music naturally led her to the stage. She made her professional début in Canada’s Premier Production of Miss Saigon in Toronto and the Premier Canadian Production of Disney’s Beauty And The Beast in Toronto. She would go on to appear in many other stage productions, such as Once On This Island, Goblin Market, and the premier performance of Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Lynn Nottage’s Las Meninas.
She ventured to The UK and studied at the British American Drama Association on a midsummer course at Balliol College, Oxford. Shortly after her return to Los Angeles, Luttrell was cast in her most high-profile role to date, as Teyla Emmagan on Stargate Atlantis.
In 2011 Luttrell released her debut Jazz album “I Wish You Love”, which was produced by Austrian record producer Gerrit Kinkel and features Jazz greats like Jeff Hamilton, Jennifer Leitham, Graham Dechter and Konrad Paszkudzki. She was considered for the role of Storm in X-MenFor more information on Rachel Luttrell, click here to view her imdb profile.

Martin Wood

Martin Wood began his television career in 1995. Although he is best known for his work on the Stargate franchise’s Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, he has also directed for many other television series, including The Invisible Man and Earth: Final Conflict. In addition, Martin directed two TV specials on sudden infant death syndrome.Along with Peter DeLuise, Andy Mikita and Will Waring, Wood was one of Stargate SG-1’s main directors during its 10 year run. He also frequently appears as an extra known as “Major Wood”  in the Stargate SG-1 episodes that he directs, often assisting Sergeant Siler as a repairman using the oversized crescent wrench that serves as an inside joke. He is also featured on many Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis DVD special features, such as featurettes and audio commentaries.

Currently, Wood is the director for the science-fiction series Sanctuary, starring Amanda Tapping and Christopher Heyerdahl.

For more information on Martin Wood, click here to view his imdb profile.

Patrick Currie

Patrick Currie is best known for playing Fifth the Human Replicator in Stargate SG1. He has however also played the Unas Chaka, as well as the character Eamon also in Stargate SG1.
Patrick has also appeared in Supernatural playing Kurt Mueller in the episode “Heart”
Patrick also played Enzo in the New Battlestar GalacticaFor more information on Patrick Currie, click here to view his imdb profile.

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