Help ‘On Dragon’s Wings’ get into Film Festivals worldwide!

A short film about Zachary, a non-verbal 12-year old with autism

This film gives the audience a peek into a day in the life of a kid with autism. A 10-minute long ride on the roller-coaster of discovering Zach’s safe environment is no longer the same. Of having to deal with a communication gap between Zach and the person who was supposed to understand him fully; his mother Frederique. Feel the frustration of both mother and son. Meet the every day challenges for someone on the autism spectrum.

The visuals of the film make the reality of autism come to live. Camera angles and colour schemes are on purpose very straight, symmetric and as simple as possible; as a reflection of the order people with autism need around them. There are no camera movements, except for the Point of View shots. With the use of a special lens, the audience literally sees the world through Zach’s eyes. At the same moment, sound design makes the audience hear the surroundings through Zach’s ears. Meant to create an understanding how autism can not only affect communication and speech, but also ones senses.

Help getting this finished film into the festival circuit, so it can be seen all over the world!

For more information –

Kickstarter finishes – May 18, 2013

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