Didn’t Get A Hotel. Now What Do I Do?

I’ve been thinking of everyone who didn’t get a hotel for Comic-Con. I read many tweets of people convinced that they spelt something wrong?

Hopefully someone else in your group managed to land something. Last year when I went to comic someone actually turn up to the hotel asking for a room thinking there will be one (poor lad)

Dont Fret entire.  It looks like the Early Bird Hotel Sale is still going on, but I expect those rooms to go quickly once the rejection emails start arriving. They aren’t Downtown but at this point, you just need a room.

Again on Twitter I have heard some people that have hotels but no badges. If those people don’t land any badges, again, more rooms will open up. You can always try booking directly with a hotel as well. Granted, it’s going to cost you more and the pickings will be slim. I would recommend trying to call instead of booking online.

If you’re brave, you can always try rooming with someone. Remember you will probably be so busy that you will never see your roommate. Please be careful though if you through this route. A great website to search is

Friends of Comic-Con International

Lastly, you can see if you can find a condo. Please  be sure to use a legit website like VRBO.com or even a realtor. I wouldn’t trust Craigslist. Remember, if your gut is telling you something is wrong, something is probably wrong. If the only form of payment is a wire transfer, I would pass. You don’t want to be out a room and out even more money.

Again, I really do feel horrible for those who didn’t get anything. I know these words probably don’t mean much right now. In the end, I hope all of you who were shutout during the sale manage to find something one way or another.

If anyone knows of any hotels, hostels or other options that are available, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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