A Bit Of Fame For Me

… well sort of Down The Road wrote about Nerd HQ and they included me, although she gave me an alias (Steph) as she probably thought that i didn’t want my name listed.Here is the article:


Nerd HQ Parties for Smiles

Nerd HQ had a party every single night of San Diego International Comic-Con and they would out last most parties in the Gaslamp District that weekend. Nobody parties likes Nerds do. Block 16 is a cool place to dance all night long and they pour a stiff drink. The food is served by Lucky’s Diner in the front and it is delicious stuff. Please visit there and thank the staff and owners for a good time the next time you are in San Diego.


So not only are the panels jam packed with great celebrities and visionary artists, but they are much more accessible than Comic-Con panels are. Their site crashed during sales too, but they got it handled quickly and even add extra panels to make up for the sold out ones. Plus it’s nice knowing that you have an assigned seat and that your money is going to give someone the gift of a smile. That makes me smile. They were well organized and ready for the crowds that anxiously awaited their turn for a Conversation Panel. I personally enjoyed Terry Crews, Randy Couture, and Dolph Lundgren for Expendables 2 sharing stories and doing their Arnold impressions when ever they brought him up. Like everybody does. I also bought a ticket for the Rise of the Guardians with Guillermo Del Toro and Peter Ramsey. Zachary Levi sat in on that conversation, because……well it’s Guillermo Del Toro. After watching that conversation I would love to pick his brain for hours and look forward to that movie. That was an enlightening experience to be in the same room as Guillermo and have a tiny glimpse into the beautiful mind of madness.


Zach was directing the tone of the party with microphone in hand and singing along with his favorite songs. The VIP platform, for the slew of celebrities that frequented Zach’s parties, was in sight of the dance floor and very interactive for the fans; but that’s not the real driving force behind this all weekend party. The Chuck cast danced the night away as other celebs came and went, but that is not the reason that there is a special feeling that is palpable.



This place has a reason to celebrate and they worked hard to have all this fun. Nerd HQ, like The Nerd Machine, is ran by loving people that volunteer their time and efforts to make all of this happen for us and the world. David and Zachary have raised thousands of dollars for Operation Smile through The Nerd Machine. In only it’s second year they raised $140,000 for Operation Smile. That is no small accomplishment and in fact it is pretty Fraking amazing. Considering they raised $40,000 in year one…..it begs the question. How much can they raise next year?


Steph reached out to me on Twitter to tell me that she will be forever grateful to the way she was treated at Nerd HQ. She tells me it’s not easy to be an autistic adult, but she did not feel that way when she was there and complete strangers helped her cross the street. Other stories like that have been popping up left and right. This place is full of genuinely kind hearted people that I have watched give of themselves, not just $, time and time again. I am in awe of these Nerds and wish the world had more people like them in it.


I highly recommend taking a detour from the normal Comic-Con routine and head on over to Nerd HQ in 2013. There are video games at every booth and entertainment all day long. Good times and good people. If bumping into the cast of Psych, Castle, Supernatural, Dr Who, Grimm, Robot Chicken, or the man himself Stan Lee isn’t enough to get you motivated to visit Nerd HQ…….then do it to make a difference.


Thanks for changing people’s lives Zachary Levi, David Coleman, and Courtney Coleman. Thank you Nerds for making a difference.


Executive Producer
K.C. Murdock

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