SDCC 2012 recap –Mega Bloks @ Comic Con

We spent 7 days in San Diego soaking up the sun, surfing the waves, and playing on the beach – at least in spirit!

This year marked our premiere year at SDCC with our own booth – and we could not be happier with the results. We set out to do something different, something unique, something for the fans, and we raised awareness for a good cause at the same time!

Our booth at SDCC this year was a community build – a POWER RANGERS MEGA MURAL! We designed our entire booth to house a giant 7′ x 5′ Mega Bloks community build wall that showcased a Red Ranger Super Samurai mask.

This was not any ordinary build –  we invited anyone attending SDCC to drop by our booth and add some blocks to the wall to help us complete it in 4 days – and thousands of fans did!

Building a Power Rangers Mega Mural for Autism Speaks

Not only was this wall a way for fans to engage, meet the Mega Bloks community team, and learn about our toys – it was built with a goal – to help raise awareness for Autism Speaks. This is a cause we have been very dedicated towards for a few years now, in fact this year at the Autism Speaks Walk in Montreal we helped raise $60,000.

We had a few surprises for the fans along the way – both the Power Rangers Super Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce dropped by to add a few bloks to the mural and hang out with the fans – we even had a surprise visit from Walter E. Jones, also know as Zack the original black Ranger.

After the wall was completed we donated it to a local organization that works with families dealing with Autism, Motiva Associates. On the Monday following SDCC the wall was “officially” donated to Motiva Associates at their space in Chula Vista where we invited all there clients and their families to share in the celebration, see the Mural completed, and meet the Power Rangers!

The kids had an opportunity to shake hands with the Power Rangers and get their picture taken – plus they were treated to a pizza lunch and each giving a loot bag filled with Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai toys.

See all the photos n flickr

the #PowerRangersMegaMural Twitter Contest

Helping build the Power Rangers Mega Mural was fun for everyone and as added bonus we ran a twitter contest. Anyone attending SDCC could enter by taking a picture of the Mega Mural and tweeting it with the hashtag#PowerRangersMegaMural for a chance to WIN a Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai Claw Armor Megazord.

Contestants had a 2nd opportunity to enter by heading out to Saban Brands unveiling of the POWERful 3D Mural at 5th and Island in the Gaslamp District, created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic Power Rangers franchise, where they could take a picture of the 3D mural and tweet it with #PowerRangers3DMural. Here fans had the opportunity to meet the cast of Power Rangers Super Samurai – we were on location handing out exclusive SDCC Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai Claw Armor Megazord posters and mini action figure mystery packs that the cast was signing.

Find a Golden Ticket and WIN an Exclusive SDCC Mega Bloks Power Rangers Poster Signed by the Cast

If you were lucky enough to find a Golden Ticket during SDCC you could redeem it for 1 of 50 exclusive SDCC Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai Claw Armor Megazord posters signed by the entire cast of Power Rangers Super Samurai.

Mega Bloks Halo Trivia Meetup

It wasn’t all about the Power Rangers –  we also held a Mega Bloks Halo Trivia Meet at the Hard Rock Hotel where fans had the opportunity to meet the Mega Bloks community team and Bs Angel from Waypoint.

We gave away a ton of Mega Bloks Halo sets and answered the fans questions.

We had a busy week but it was totally worth it! We met tons of fans and made new friends and could not be happier about all the help and amazing feedback we received with our Power Rangers Mega Mural!

We’re excited to announce the twitter contest winner on August 1st, 2012 and we have some great footage to share with everyone! During the Mega Mural build we had a camera setup to snap a photo every minute to document the process – we have over 3000 photos to compile into an inspiring and amazing time lapse. We are also working on a mini documentary of our time spent at SDCC this year!

Make sure to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to stay in the loop. You can also check out our SDCC flickr set to relive some great memories!

We hope to see you all next year!


SOURCE:Mega Bloks

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