Press Release:


Companies Partner to Produce Exclusive Comic-Zine and T-Shirt debuting at San Diego Comic-Con

CHICAGO, IL, June 4, 2012: Character development studio OHIYA (www.ohiyafriends.com) today announced their partnership with Devil’s Due Entertainment (www.devilsdue.net) just in time to release a custom t-shirt and comic-zine for this year’s COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL. Comic-Con International runs from July 12-15 and is held at the San Diego Convention Center. Both Ohiya and Devil’s Due will be exhibiting at booth #2229.

Devil’s Due continues to execute on its promise of collaborating with the latest breaking pop-culture phenomenons, as evident in its partnership with Ohiya. This year’s convention will see the joint-unveiling of the comic book “ZOMBUDDIEZ: FRIENDS WHO NOM TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER” and a limited edition t-shirt featuring Ohiya’s resident zombie cat, Koki, feasting on the brains of the Devil’s Due logo.

The zombie apocalypse has never been so cute.

Fans unable to attend the convention this year can get in on the action by visiting the Devil’s Due Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/LB7iUV.) There, fans can snag Devil’s Due swag normally available only on the show floor.

Ohiya plans to unveil a plush of the newest member of the Zombuddiez family, Broozr, at booth #2229.

Devil’s Due Entertainment is a comic book publisher and incubator of diverse pop-culture content. As cartographers drawing the maps in an uncharted world of new media, Devil’s Due brings together a vertically integrated platform to develop stories and fantasy worlds, and then implement the circulation of that content. In addition to its own creations, the company is servicing the needs of its partners who want to draw attention to and monetize their brands in the pop culture space. Learn more about Devil’s Due at http://www.devilsdue.net.

The art for Ohiya is the culmination of sketches and ideas from Ohio-based illustrator Jason Tharp. A self-proclaimed ‘obsessive dreamer,’ Tharp’s main hope for Ohiya is to encourage others to explore the magic and mystery of life. “Ohiya encourages us to go beyond our personal boundaries and to simply say, ‘Hi,’” proclaims Tharp. “A chance encounter can suddenly turn into something meaningful, all with the help of a simple two letter word,” Learn more about Ohiya at http://www.ohiyafriends.com, on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ohiyafriends) and on Twitter (@ohiyafriends).

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