Nerdist – Course of the Force Charity Event

Lucasfilm Ltd., Nerdist Industries, Octagon and Machinima have teamed up to present Course of the Force, an Olympic-style lightsaber relay, where participants will make a journey from Santa Monica to San Diego while benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

At quarter-mile markers (much less than 12 parsecs), participants will hand off the official Course of the Force lightsaber to the next runner as they begin their leg of the journey. Course of the Force will take place July 7-11, in the days leading up to the annual San Diego Comic Con International.

Nerdist Industries’ founder Chris Hardwick and co-hosts will follow the action from the Course of the Force lead vehicle each day, broadcasting live to the Nerdist platform, including its YouTube channel. Machinima, the leading next generation video entertainment network for gamers, will produce and simulcast exclusive Course of the Force content through its multi-channel video network and will provide promotion for the event.

As the Course makes its stops along the iconic California coast, Star Wars-themed parties, contests and live Nerdist shows will cap off each day for fans to enjoy.


July 7-11: Daily stops will be announced soon.

Q: What is Course of the Force?
A: Course of the Force is an epic journey through California and a tribute to Star Wars. It is an Olympic torch-styled relay from Santa Monica to San Diego, held in advance of the San Diego Comic Con International.

Q: What is the mission of Course of the Force?
A: Course of the Forces aims to celebrate Star Wars and build momentum leading up to the San Diego Comic Con International, all while raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Q: Who can run in the Course of the Force?
A: You can, young Jedi Master! The Course of the Force has limited runner availability but anyone can participate and join alongside celebrities for this inaugural journey. Any runners under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Only adults are allowed to register, but one minor can accompany each adult runner.

Q: What is the registration price? 
A: The cost to register is $500, with all registration proceeds benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For more information, visit the Registration page.

Q: Can I register on-site?
A: No. Anyone interested in participating as a runner must register in advance through our online system.

Q: What should I wear? 
A: Participants in the relay are encouraged to come decked out in their best Star Wars or pop culture-themed running gear, not only to look good but also to win prizes. Ancient Jedi Masters carried within backpacks are not required.

Q: Can anyone attend the parties at the end of each day? 
A: Stay tuned for announcements related to our daily stops and the entertainment that will be coming with it.


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