BioWare’s Comic Con Plans!

Game Developer BioWare is making it’s return to San Diego and it is bringing some awesome goods! Based once again at the Hilton Gaslamp headquarters across from the convention center, they plan on having several gaming stations showcasing both the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 (3/6/12 can’t come soon enough) and a never before seen DLC expansion for the hit Dragon Age II titled Dragon Age Legacy. Having spent hundreds of gaming hours on both of these franchises you KNOW I will stop by at least a few times, especially since on Friday 7/22 they are hosting the first annual BioWare costume contest!

I am pretty sure that since this is off-site it will be open to all and they will have plenty of promotional swag to hand out, I am hoping for maybe some Comic-Con exclusive DLC weapon & armor codes or Xbox Avatar items myself.

BioWare is also behind the upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic MMO game so I expect to see them promoting that as well, and who knows, maybe we’ll see something as awesome as the massive blow-up sword fights they had last year. Check out the official recap video below!

BioWare 2010

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