Hotel Wi-Fi & Internet

t’s something we take for granted until we need it but hotel Wi-Fi is a big deal during San Diego Comic Con. You have thousands of people all trying to upload pictures, blog, tweet and search for the next big SDCC related scoop. It’s something that many of us think should be free but in many cases it’s not. Here’s a break down of some of the Wi-Fi costs are the various Comic Con hotels.

Hotel Solamar:
If you join the Kimpton InTouch program you’ll have access to free wi-fi at the hotel. Wireless internet access is available throughout the hotel and high-speed wired internet access is available in all guestrooms.

Hilton Bayfront San Diego:
It’s $19.95 for 24 hours and I found this review of the quality, or lack there of. I asked them via Twitter for more info and they told me Basic Broadband $13.95/24 hours, Hourly Prem. $6.95/hr & Premium $19.95/24 hours.

Hotel Indigo:
It appears according to their website the wi-fi is free. I’d double check though just to be sure.

Sheraton Mission Valley:
We stayed here last year but didn’t use the wi-fi. They have it listed online as being $9.95 per day but doesn’t mention if that’s per computer or room.

Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina:
They offer what they call Link@Sheraton. It’s in the lobby and features free wi-fi and PC’s. It’s open from 7am-3pm. They offer in room service as well and that will cost you $11.95 per day.

W San Diego:
If you’re staying here be prepared to shell out $14.95 a day.

San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina:
According to their website for a daily rate of $12.95 USD high-speed Internet access is available in guest rooms. They also say that public areas are “wired/wireless.” Guest rooms are noted as being “wired.”

San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter Hotel:
If you picked this hotel over the Marriott M&M, you’ll save a free bucks on internet. It’s only $9.95 here. Another difference is guest rooms are “wired” & “wireless.”

Omni San Diego Hotel:

If you join the Select Guest Program you will receive free high-speed in all public areas and in your guest room. If you aren’t a member it’ll cost $9.95 per day plus tax.

Doubletree San Diego Mission Valley:
In room wi-fi is $11.95 per day.

Holiday Inn on the Bay:
If you’re staying here you lucked out! They offer free internet services.

Now obviously we can’t list all of the hotels but this gives you an idea of what to expect. I tried to check some of the major hotels but couldn’t find anything easily on the website. If you plan on making use of the wi-fi/internet at your hotel, be sure to give them a call about costs. As you see above, in some cases if you join a loyalty program you can get it for free. One thing to keep in mind is that plenty of other people are going to be accessing the internet during San Diego Comic Con. Don’t be too surprised if you find it to be slow and lagging. I did notice when checking out the various hotel websites, some will let you upgrade your internet for an additional fee. Another thing you might want to do before deciding on taking your laptop/netbook is to check out TripAdvisor and see if you find any reviews mentioning the internet services. Better yet, take it a step further and see if you can find reviews from last years SDCC. Those reviews will probably be a little more helpful.

If you used the wi-fi last year at your hotel, let us know how it was!

Please keep in mind the information found here came from the hotel websites. Just like with anything, rates can always change. It’s a good idea to call ahead to confirm any internet/wi-fi prices!

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