WB Comic Con Info

The WB has finally set up their Comic Con 2011 fanpage! It’s a little bare at the moment but the current video fills us in on some key information. As of right now they plan on having “The Big Bang Theory,” “Vampire Diaries,” “Chuck” and more. They even mentioned “Human Target” but as we all know, Fox has canceled that show. I doubt they’ll still be appearing. We learned that just like last year, there will be special editions of TV Guide featuring various WB shows! Also, one again The WB will be the sponsor of the Comic Con bag! I wonder which shows will be featured this year on the swag bags?

Here’s a little more information from the website:

Warner Bros. is excited to once again return to Comic-Con in San Diego this July. We’ll have even more TV shows, new games, films and stars at The Con for the panels, signings and available for sampling. We are working hard on the designs for the 2011 Comic-Con WB booth and we’ll be introducing a new ticketing system this year for the signings and panels. Please check back here for developing news, new videos each week and more information about the schedule. We look forward to seeing you in San Diego, or having you follow us here on the site as well as on Twitter at @thewbdotcom where we will have up to the minute information, photos and video.

I’m not sure what they mean about ticketing for panels since panels don’t work that way. I am interested to see how they change the autograph sessions though. I know there were plenty of complaints about The WB Booth last year. I’m excited to see the new booth design as well. I’m actually excited about everything!

What WB shows are you looking forward to?


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