We Give A Chuck

If you are a seasoned Comic Con veteran, you know that going from your hotel to the con center via rental car is a royal pain. Some hotels boast shuttle service but you just end up waiting an hour for one to become available. Here is a solution you might consider. If you are a CHUCK fan like I am, you may have noticed a shameless promotion for Super Shuttle in the middle of last week’s episode. Well now, in an effort to ‘Save Chuck’, fans are partnering with the transportation service during the San Diego Comic Con.

CHUCK fans and their friends/family, who book with SuperShuttle between now and the end of July will get a 10% discount by using a special online code:  CHUCK.  This is a great way for fans to show real value to the sponsors and it gives non-Twitter fans an opportunity to participate as well.  So please help us in asking fellow CHUCK fans to spread the word (FB, LJ, Blogs, etc) and to support a key sponsor.

Details here:  www.wegiveachuck.com

Hope that the SuperShuttle rides into SDCC are one big CHUCK partay!

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