Mattel SDCC Exclusives!

Mattel has debuted their exclusives line-up for the forthcoming San Diego Comic-Con on tonight’s episode of Attack of the Show. Here are photos taken right off the TV screen  but for better, official photos please visit

DCUC Swamp Thing ($30)is something I kind of expected to be honest. Given how popular the line has been and the previous Comic-Con releases for this line I think it is a great idea for collectors, casual and completionists alike, to try and get you hands on this at the show considering that Un-Men critters offered as the “Show Only” exclusive. I guarantee this is a sell-out day after day at the show. He comes in a bio degradable mask packaging!!!

DCUC Swamp Thing

DCUC Swamp Thing

If you need some Ghostbustin’ then there is no better purchase than the MASSIVE Staypuft figure ($70). He may not be in scale compared to the other figures in the line but if you really want that action I am sure you can but the Halloween costume. The opening packaging is pretty sweet with a approximate four foot long city scape diorama.



And of course they couldn’t pass this year’s highly anticipated Green Lantern live action film without including a massive Movie Masters Kilowog ($25). The Green Lantern franchise has been casting an undeniable shadow over the entire comics industry for the past few years and the upcoming movie is no exception. This is just another of the MANY figures that Mattel is releasing for the movie though.

 Movie Masters Kilowog

Movie Masters Kilowog

Other releases are Super Articulated Ultron with a talking package speaking the show opening ($30).

 Super Articulated Ultron

Super Articulated Ultron

All in all this seems like another successful year for Matty’s offerings. I will be excited to introduce all of the little plastic men I keep in a display case to their new “brothers” come July. Just ship this from the show if you can!


Exclusive! SD Zombie Walk Is July 23rd!

I’m able to let all of you know that the highly popular San Diego Zombie Walk will take place on Saturday, July 23rd with a party later that evening! That’s all the details I have at the moment but SD Zombie Walk was nice enough to give me the early scoop. They told me they should have more information in a few weeks.

This is not an event to be missed. The San Diego Zombie walk was listed as one of the ten essential Comic Con must-sees by the LA Times. The event is opened to zombies of all ages! If you aren’t too keen on getting zombified you should still check it out. It’s an amazing sight to see hundreds, if not thousands, of zombies moaning around downtown San Diego.

If you want to keep up to date on event be sure to check out their website, Twitter or Facebook page.

SDCC Bones Fan Gathering 2011

If you’re a fan of the show “Bones” on Fox, then pay attention! A group of dedicated fans are planning a meetup for those who are going to be attending San Diego Comic Con. San Diego Comic Con Bones Fan Gathering 2011 is going to be huge from the sounds of it.

How did this idea come about?
The idea of a Bones gathering had been brewing for a while, small groups meeting the last couple years at Comic-Con, but with the large amount of fans around the world who became friends via twitter, we thought it best that something such as this Bones Fan Gathering should happen. Everything happens eventually, right.

How many fans are involved at the moment?
At the moment there are just over 50 fans around the world involved.

Does your group have any parties or meet-ups planned for San Diego Comic Con?
There are some meet-ups and possibly parties being planned, we are still working out the details of what will be going on. Most of the Bones Fan Group are staying at the same hotel and will most likely have meet ups and such there. As well as at the San Diego Comic Con Bones panel.

Which hotel is your group taking over?
The Hotel most of us are staying at is the Courtyard by Marriott San Diego, Mission Valley Hote. We reserved our rooms through the SDCC website to get a lower rate and the free pass on the bus directly to the convention center.

If someone wants to join in on the “Bones” fun, who should they contact?
All fans are welcome, the more the better. It’s always great to meet fans and make new friends. To contact us and find out more about the Bones 2011 SDCC Fan Gathering, please check out our website! There you can email us, check out our facebook page and tweet us and meet other fans going.