I like being an Aspie!

If there was a pill that could make your autism/asperger’s go away, would you take it?

Short answer: no, I wouldn’t.

Long answer: I like being me. I wouldn’t want to change myself , sure I have difficulties but so do many people who aren’t autistic.

I am, as some may a little odd.  Thing is, I like being odd. I never as a child wanted to join the other children like robots liking the same things (spice girls etc.)  To me, the word “weird” is a compliment.

I am a dog person.  I understand dogs so very much more than I understand humans.  Humans are strange and contradictory and have social protocols that range from odd to baffling. Dogs on the other hand, are totally reasonable and very rarely confuse me at all.  I have been told that there is a good likelihood that my ability with dogs comes from the fact that I am on the autism spectrum.  My response?  Awesome!

If I were to stop being an Aspie, I would lose all of that.  I don’t even know who I’d be any more, as these are all very important parts of my personality and identity.

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